Solar Controller Regulator 12/24V

Solar Controller Regulator 12/24V Specification SSN30A Solar Controller Regulator 12/24V description The controller applies to the solar net division system (independent system). It can control the electrical charge and discharge process automatically. The discharge process of the storage...

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Solar Charge Controller Product Info:

1.20A Solar Charger Controller Solar Panel Battery Intelligent Regulator with 2 USB Ports and LCD Display.

2.Size:  20A ; Rated Discharge Current: -Charge Current: 20A;

3.USB Output: 5V/2A

4.Max Battery Voltage: 12V/24V auto. Adjustable power rate with dual USB ports; Functionality: Control the charger and discharge process and it has reliable battery to charge and discharge period management

Solar Panel Voltage Regulator 12v /24v Main specifications:

Model number: TPS-555I-30A New
12V/ 24V 30A PWM Solar Regulator

Max. PV input voltage: 20V/40V

Max. PV input current: 30A

Rated PV charge current: 30A

Max discharge current:36A

Rated discharge current: 30A
Over charge protection: 14.5V(±0.3) / 29V(±0.3)
Over discharge protection: 10.8V(±0.5) / 21.6V(±0.3)

Charge return voltage:  13.5V±0.5V / 27.0V±0.3V

Over discharge return voltage: 12.0V±0.3V / 24.0V±0.3V

Temperature compensation(mV/℃): 5

No load current (mA): < 20

Environment temperature: -40℃-60℃

Altitude (m):  ≤5500
* With 5V1A and 5V2A USB port
* With LCD display shows battery status

Multiple electric protection:


Safety Instructions: 

1. Make sure your battery has enough voltage for the controllers to recognize the battery type

  (12 V / 24 V) before installation. 
2. The battery cable should be as short as possible to minimize loss. 

3. ONLY suitable for working with photovoltaic solar panels. (NOT for other DC or AC power



Warning: Connect the battery firstly, then connect the solar panels, please always connect the load terminal lastly.(as the picture shows)




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