Solar Charge Regulator 48V

PWM Solar Charge Controller
10A / 12V /24V
2 USB Ports
LCD Display

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   Product Information:

· With LCD to display all parameters, the LCD has rich contents, the users can intuitively know the working condition of the controller. The LCD display is with built-in energy-saving backlight LCD, display better, more clear, more beautiful, more modern and more power-efficient.

· Fully Automatic >> With output switch, intelligent control, easy to operate, to connect the controller and the battery by cables with right polarity. The battery indicator light on the controller will be on if successfully connected, otherwise, to check and reconnect.

· Power-efficient >> Microcontroller digital accuracy, when it's charging, the arrow between the panel icon and the battery icon will be flashes fastly, when the battery was full charge, it will be slow flashed, will stop charging, the function of the controller is to protect the voltage overshoot and discharge. A key to open and close the load.

· USB Output Voltage: 5V;

· DC Output Voltage: 12V.



Protection Functions :



Please connect the battery firstly, then connect the solar panels, please always connect the terminal loads lastly.



Function description:

1  USB 5V==1A output                             4  On/Off Switch(for load)                          7  Load terminal

2  USB 5V==2A output                             5  Solar input                                              8  LCD display

3  Current input/Current output               6  Battery input                                           9  Power display

Before connecting to the solar panel, please connect the controller to the battery; do not use solar panel supply power to the loads directly.


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