Solar System Charge Controller

Solar System Charge Controller

MPPT Solar Charge Controller
30A /12V/24V
LCD Dispaly
Easy to opperate

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      Solar charge regulator is designed to control the charging from solar panel into battery, and the power draw from the battery to outputs. Therefore keep the whole solar system at proper working condition. This solar charge regulator can be best used with our series solar panel with quick connector end. 

Technical Data:


How to Charge: (as the picture shows)

Please always connect the battery(the 2) first.Then connect Solar panel( the 1), and connect the load terminal( the 3) lastly




NoteThis solar charge regulator can be mounted through its four mounting holes 


1.Please do not short circuit and/or reverse the polarity of the load, the solar panel, & the battery. 
2.Place the charge regulator at a cool and ventilated place. Avoid contact with water. 
AFTER EACH USE: Disconnect the Charge Regulator from the battery and solar panels. Always disconnect the battery first.

image.pngThe charge regulator provides following protections for the whole system :




WARNING:Risk of Electric Shock! Make sure that all power is turned off before touching the terminals on the charge controller. 

For best controller performance, it is recommended that these tasks be performed from time to time.

1.Check that controller is mounted in a clean, dry, and ventilated area.

2.Check wiring going into the charge controller and make sure there is no wire damage or wear.

3.Tighten all terminals and inspect any loose, broken, or burnt up connections.

4.Make sure readings in the LCD and LED are consistent. Take necessary corrective action.

5.Check to make sure none of the terminals have any corrosion, insulation damage, high temperature, or any burnt/discoloration marks.

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