30A MPPT Solar Regulator

SSM 30-60A Instruction for use of a step-down MPPT Solar Regulator 30A MPPT Solar Regulator Product overview : The contro lle r is suitable for the automatic control of charging and discharging process in the solar energy off grid system. The regulator uses advanced software active algorithm for...

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Product Info:

1. High efficiency :MPPT control algorithm, MPPT efficiency ≥99.5%, whole Machine conversion efficiency up to 98%.

2.Charge mode: three stages (fast charge, constant charge, floating charge), improve boost voltage charge(activate the battery performance), it prolongs service life of the batteries.

3. Discharge mode: ON/OFF mode, PV voltage control mode, Dual Time control mode PV Max. voltage (VOC):100V ,LCD Display


    1.Advanced MPPT technology, High tracking efficiency no less than 99.5% 
    2.Peak conversion efficiency of 98% 
    3.Ultra-fast tracking speed 
    4.Accurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power point 
    5.Multi-function LCD displays system information intuitively 
    6.Common positive grounding design 






     1. Mount the charge controller onto a clean, vertical flat surface. It is very important to allow enough space both 

        above and below the charge controller to ensure maximum airflow



         MPPT 连接图.png

    Electronic protections:


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