Solar Battery Charge Regulator

Solar Battery Charge Regulator

Battery Type: 12V/24V
Max. PV input voltage: 5V/54V
Max. PV input current: 30A
Rated PV charge current: 30A
Max discharge current:36A Rated discharge current: 30A Over charge protection voltage: 15V±0.3V / 30.0V±0.3V Over discharge protection voltage: 10.5V±0.5V / 21V±0.3V Charge return voltage: 13V±0.5V / 26.0V±0.3V Over discharge return voltage: 12.0V±0.3V / 24.0V±0.3V Temperature compensation(mV/℃): -3/℃/2V No load current (mA): Environment temperature: -25℃~+45℃ Altitude (m): ≤5500

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      MPPT -- Maximum Power Point Tracking, which realizes the generation voltage of the solar panel realtime detection and tracks the maximum voltage and current value (VI). By adjusting the operating state of the electrical module, the system charges the battery with maximum power output. MPPT controller applies to solar photovoltaic systems, coordinates with solar panels to charge for the battery, is the brain of the photovoltaic system.







MPPT 连接图.png


   ·  APPLICATION:  The solar charger monitor can be applied to charge for 12V/24V battery pack; it can also be

   used for DC-DC boost power supply charge.     


   · LCD DISPLAY: the charging control panel is designed with LCD display, clear and bright for you to view the solar

   panel operating voltage, battery charging voltage, charging current, charging power, cumulative charge capacity,

   charging time of charging progress and so on.


    Charge technology description

    1. When solar panel works the battery display  image.pngwill flow from left to right.


    2. When the battery capacity is lower than 10%, the controller will adopt trickle charge; when in 10%-85%, will

        adopt direct charge; when more than 85%, will adopt PWM mode.

    3.The battery display express in turn is 10% 25% 50% 75% 100%.

    4.The battery display will stop change when fully charged





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