30amp Solar Regulator

30amp Solar Regulator

* 12V/ 24V 30A MPPT Solar regulator
* Over charge protection: 15V(±0.3) / 30V(±0.3)
* Over discharge protection: 10.5V(±0.5) / 21V(±0.3)
* Operating Temperature: ﹣25℃- +45℃
* With LCD display shows battery status
*Color: Blue
Adjustable to accommodate 12V/24V

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   MPPT Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller 30A

· Applicable to 12V/24V battery pack system, user can set the output voltage and current according to actual 


·  Innovative MPPT technology, high tracking efficiency, which can improve the generated energy.

· Excellent heat dissipation capability: adopts advanced fan temperature control technology for quick control the heat.

· Simple operation interface: clear LCD display.

Product Info:


1.MPPT means Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), MPPT solar charge controller is the upgrade of traditional product.

2.MPPT voltage generating real-time detection of solar panels to track the highest voltage and current (vi) adjusting the electrical module through extension work state, so that the maximum power output of the system to charge the battery. 

3.MPPT controller used in solar photovoltaic systems, coordination of solar panels to charge the battery, is the brain of the PV system. 

4.The controller uses advanced software active algorithm for quickly and accurately tracking the maximum power point of photovoltaic panels module voltage, active tracking work at the maximum power point of the solar cell module in order to get more solar energy. Enhance the charging current and power generation. 



Charge Controller Safety:



Please connect the battery first, then connect the solar panel(s),and connect the load terminals lastly. (as the picture shows)

MPPT 连接图.png

    PROTECTION: Lynsa small solar charger is with solar anti-charge protection, MOS reverse connection protection, 

    overload protection, over temperature protection, over current protection, which will be more safe for your use.

    Our vision: to become an innovative and customer oriented integrated supplier of solar power system.

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