Multifunctional Portable Solar Generator

Multifunctional Portable Solar Generator

Product model:EB400
Battery capacity:Lithium-ion 400Wh
AC wall charge
DC car charge
Solar charge
AC output:300W
DC output:6*USB port:3*(5V/3.5A*2)
2*DC port:12V/10A & 12V/5A
Car jump starter

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Multifunctional portable solar generator

PS8B Multifunctional portable solar generator is a portable power supply system which integrates multiple functional modes. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, and can be charged by solar energy and grid according to different usage modes. It is suitable for all kinds of loads, and is equipped with 5V and 12V DC outputs. It can supply power for consumer electronic products and vehicle electrical appliances. System built-in high security batteries, equipped with advanced battery management system, can ensure the long life of the battery and the safety of the use process.

Multiple ports make it easy to power all your devices, including DC, USB and AC. Activate the ports with one master switch, and let everyone in the family have access. The system is also chainable, so you can link multiple generators for additional power.

Multifunctional portable solar generator specifications


Multifunctional portable solar generator feature

1. Multiple outputs: standard AC outlets, 6xUSB &3x12V DC output, Type-C USB.

2. Powerful: 500W AC+DC output

3. User friendly: LCD shows battery level, charging & discharging power

4. Convenient: can be charged anytime from solar panel, car and adaptor.

Multifunctional portable solar generator application

1. AC outlets: power various standard AC devices below 300W together.

2. DC ports: power for car refrigerator, other car devices, laptops, LED bulb, etc

3. USB ports: charge for smartphones, tablets or bluetooth speakers, iPad, etc

4. Type-C: all lastest type-C commercial electronics devices.

5. Car jump starter

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