Solar Energy Storage System

Solar Energy Storage System

Product model:PS6530B
Battery capacity:6.5KWh
Input: AC/PV charge
AC Output:3kW
On/Off grid
Remote Monitor

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Solar Energy Storage System

Our KWh off-grid lithium-ion energy storage power supply series:

1. The battery has the advantages of small internal resistance and high specific energy. Flexible packaging, laminated, poor liquid, good safety. The group cycle life is more than 2000 times; the weight ratio energy can reach 120WH/KG, and the volume ratio energy can reach 210WH/L, which is higher than the industry average.

2. Lithium ion phosphate battery safety: anti-explosion, no leakage, no hot, high temperature.

Solar Energy Storage System Installation

Solar Energy Storage System Specifications

PS6530B Technical Specification
Model No.PS6530B
BatteryBattery Capacity6.5kWh
Battery TypeLi-ion Battery
OutputRated Output Power3000W
Peak Output4500W
Overload Ability100%<load<110% @10min; 110%~150%@10s
On/Off GridOn/Off Grid
UPS FunctionYes
AC ChargeInput Voltage100/110/120V OR 220/230/240V
Power Factor0.95(full load)
Input   Frequency50Hz/60Hz
Max Charge   Power2400W
Max   Efficiency>92%
PV ChargeMax Input Power3000W
Start-up Voltage75Vdc
MPPT Input Port2
MPPT Input Voltage75~140Vdc
Max Input Voltage150Vdc
MPPT Efficiency99.5%
Max Efficiency>96%
Solar Charging ModelMPPT
Woking ConditionRelative Humidity5%~90%
GeneralProduct Dimension780x347x910mm
Packing   Dimension870x528x1210mm
Net Weight132kg
Gross Weight165kg

Solar Energy Storage System Feature

1. Metal Casing-strong, durable, safe.

2. Omni-directional Wheel-easy to move, lockable after positioning.

3. Touch LCD-customized parameters can be set for various applications.

Solar Energy Storage System Application Areas

1. Outdoor activities: Outdoor portable power supply, portable small appliances,etc.

2. Emergency Rescue: Emergency lighting / LED lighting, earthquake relief equipment, xenon lights / searchlights,etc.

3. Backup power supply for families, hospital, school, temple, etc.




We have certificated by CE / FCC / MSDS / RoHS / EMC / UN38.3 / Classification Report for Air Transport of Goods / Classficiation Report for Sea Transport of Goods.

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