Residential Energy Storage Battery System

Product model:PS8030B
Battery capacity:8kWh
Input: AC/PV charge
AC Output:3kW
On/Off grid
Remote Monitor

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Residential energy storage battery system

1. Our energy storage system. It can be charged by PV/AC, can store energy, preferentially choose solar power supply, store excess power, and automatically use the energy of the energy storage system when the main power grid is cut off, saving energy and environmental protection. Support on/off-grid solar system;

2. CPU management, intelligent control, modular composition;

3. LED, LCD display, can display various parameters intuitively.

Residential energy storage battery system introduction

Residential energy storage battery system specifications


Residential energy storage battery system feature

1. Solar home portable power generator, silent, shockproof, dustproof, green energy, environmentally friendly and healthy, is a necessary product in areas without electricity;

2. Feed into Grid-exceesive electricity can be sold for profit;

3. Touch LCD-customized parameters can be set for various applications.

Residential energy storage battery system application

1. Backup power station for hospital, bank, school, church, temple, etc;

2. Backup Power station for small business activity, concert, party;

3. Outdoor power supply for lighting, cooking, recreation, farming, fishing, etc;

4. Independent power station for remote area, island.





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