High Capacity Solar Energy Storage System

High Capacity Solar Energy Storage System

Product model:PS12050B Battery capacity:12KWh Input: AC/PV charge AC Output:5kW On/Off grid UPS Remote Monitor

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High capacity solar energy storage system

1. This solar energy storage system. Can store energy by PV/AC, preferentially choose solar power supply, and automatically use the energy of the energy storage system when the main power grid is cut off, saving energy and environmental protection. Can be used in on/off-grid solar systems;

2. All-in-one machine, customers do not need to purchase controllers, chargers, voltage regulators, etc;

3. Adopting power frequency pure sine wave circuit design, the product has good stability, low failure rate, long service life, simple maintenance. The group cycle life is more than 2000 times;,and normal service life can reach more than five years.

High capacity solar energy storage system Installation

High capacity solar energy storage system Specifications


High capacity solar energy storage system Feature

1. Remote Monitoring-know your gear anywhere anytime;

2. UPS Function-uninterruppted power supply for backup 7x24hours;

3. Metal Casing-strong, durable, safe;

4. Omni-directional Wheel-easy to move, lockable after positioning;

5. The working noise is very small. Besides the small noise of the fan running at high temperature, there is almost no noise.

High capacity solar energy storage system Application Areas

The solar energy storage power supply is designed with exquisite design and extremely compact body. The battery and solar energy special charge and discharge controller are integrated into one body, which is convenient to use. The system is widely used in home lighting, outdoor lighting, and has a USB output port, which can charge all kinds of electronic digital products such as mobile phones, mp3s, and cameras. This product is equipped with a solar panel, which is especially suitable for lighting in areas without electricity. It is also an ideal lighting tool for camping out.

Can be used: remote areas, mountains, desert areas, grassland areas, villages, camping, outdoor activities, tourism, night lighting.

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