Portable Solar Generator 240Wh

Portable Solar Generator 240Wh

This product SPAP_200 is high performance, family used portable solar power system, which can be charged by solar energy on sunny day or wall outlet, and supplies DC/AC electric power for varies DC/AC appliances such as electric fan, lighting lamps, television, computer, mobile changer etc. It is very helpful and convenient for home electric supply and outdoor life.

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Portable Solar Generator 240Wh


图片1.pngThis product SPAP_200 is high performance, family used portable solar power system, which can be charged by solar energy on sunny day or wall outlet, and supplies DC/AC electric power for varies DC/AC appliances such as electric fan, lighting lamps, television, computer, mobile changer etc. It is very helpful and convenient for home electric supply and outdoor life.

One-in-all Solar Portable Power Supply

Portable AC/DC power supply meets all your daily charge requirements. 240WH's large capacity can give you USB device, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and home appliances Charging. Match 2 USB Ports Outputs, 90V-240V 50/60Hz AC Outputs, and 12V5A*3 DC Output. On outdoors can provide enough power for your LED lights, fans, Audio Equipment and other devices.


Easy to carry, use a wide range and surge protection!

It weighs only 9.5 lbs(4.3kg). Compatible solar panel- under 100W 15~20V charge the battery bank. You can take it wherever you go and never run out of power. Ideal for travel, camping, home or office use.In hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters, it is a very good home emergency power supply. Rely on LCD indicators to monitor the remaining battery. The built-in fan will work automatically to cool down the battery during charging to prevent this from happening and prolong the overall lifespan of the power bank.

Great for emergencies,camping,weekend trip or wherever you need power anytime anywhere.

Easy to use and reliable,safety. Most lightweight and compact handy design, easy to pack down in a backpack or your car. Battery Management System (BMS) undertakes voltage control, current control, temperature control and more advanced safety operations, ensuring complete protection for you and your devices.





Brand: Lynsa
Capacity: 12V/20AH 240 wh
Built-in battery cell: 100% high quality lithium battery cells
Dimension: 257*135*184mm
Weight: About 4.3KG
Charging power: AC input 90V-240V 50/60Hz, Solar Input 18V20W-100W
USB output: USB1+USB2 5V-2A(Max)
DC power: DC 12V5A*3(Max)

AC power: AC120V/60Hz Modified sine wave output( IMPORTANT! AC output is customized according to different countries, areas. Please refer to the actual product)
AC Continuous Power Output: 200W
Power indicator: LCD
Working temperature: -20-60


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