Portable Rechargeable Power Supply

Portable Rechargeable Power Supply

Product model:PS5B
Battery capacity:Lithium-ion 400Wh
AC wall charge
DC car charge
Solar charge
AC output:300W
DC output:4*USB port:2*5V2.1A & 2*5V1A
1*12.6V car port:120W
2*DC 6mm port:2*12V3A
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Portable Rechargeable Power Supply

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If you plan on spending time away from a mains outlet, but you still want the convenience of using all your electrical devices, then check out these portable ac power supplies. Capable of charging even larger items like laptops, with some even able to jump start a car's battery, one of these handy units should go in every traveler's pack.

In an emergency situation, you’ll take your power from wherever you can get it, and old-fashioned, gas-powered generators are a reliable option if you happen to have access to gasoline. If you don’t have a store of reliable gas in your garage or camping backpack, and all the local pumps (which are now, quite stupidly, electronically controlled) are empty or out of service, you’ll need another source of power. That’s where a portable AC power supply can be a dream.

Compared to gas generators, which create power from scratch by the combustion of gasoline, portable AC power supplies charge up like giant batteries and provide a ton of power to anything with a traditional plug. Many also provide DC conversion, as well as USB and other common plugs to power a more significant number of devices. They’re smaller, lighter, and more versatile than gas generators, as well.

What Can Be Powered By This Portable Rechargeable Power Supply - DC

1*12V 10A: Power Car refrigerator and other car devices

2*12V 3A: Power laptops, LED bulb, etc.

4*USB: Charge phones, tables, Mp3&Mp4, Pads, digital cameras, bluetooth devices, etc.

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What Can Be Powered By This Portable Rechargeable Power Supply - AC 

2*AC Outlets

1. Power various standard AC devices below 300W together.

2. Pure sine wave output, same as utility power, protects electrical appliances.

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Car Jump Starter

400A peak starting current at 12V to save you from unexpected car emergency.

Car Jump Starter-Portable power station.png

How To Charge This Portable Rechargeable Power Supply - AC

Charge By Adaptor From Home Outlet

portable power station-supply AC power.png

How To Charge This Portable Rechargeable Power Supply - AC

Charge by Solar when you arrive somewhere outdoor

Charge from 18V or 36V solar panel from any brand.

120W high charging power leads to 4 hours charging time.

MPPT high charging efficiency.

Portable Rechargeable Power Supply-Charge by solar.png

Charge by car on the road

Charge from 12V car cigarette port when you are on the road. 

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