Portable Inverter Power Generator Source Station

Portable Inverter Power Generator Source Station

SPAP_300 is high capacity, family used portable inverter power generator station

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Portable Inverter Power Generator Source Station

SPAP_300 is a high capacity, portable inverter power generator source station. It can easily be charged by solar energy when you have a outdoor activity with your family, and it can be charged by wall outlet. The SPAP_300 can provide the AC/DC for your cell phone, notebook computer, UAV, camera, electric fan, lamp. It is very helpful and useful for camping and outdoor life.


Product Specification: 

• Item No: SPAP_300

• Capacity:Lithium battery 12V/30AH 360WH
• Output power: Rated
• Output Waveform: Modified Sine Wave
• AC Input Voltage: 90V-240V 50/60Hz
• AC Output Voltage: 100V/110V 60Hz  220V 50Hz
• DC Output(3 ports): 12V5A*3
• USB Output(2 ports): 5V2A*2
• Solar Input Charging Panel(Optional): 18V 20W-100W
• Overload, Short circuit protec
• Size:
• Net Weight: 5.4kg







Charge Description:

Solar Charging Input 

Connect solar to SPAP_200 by plugging solar cable into  Solar charge input socket firmly,keep the solar panel under enough sunshine and be better to face directly to sun .See “Charge” to show it’s charging(Figure 2-2)

AC Input Charging

Just plug in the AC input power cord to the wall socket and connect to the kit.


Alarm Indicator:    





Battery Icon flash

Low Voltage alarm≦10.2V


DC character flash

Low Voltage Protect≦9.8V


Bee sounds long ring

Inverter low voltage alarm

Turn off the power switch and charge

AC output indicator lighting, Beep Intermittent

Over load

After 5s turn off the power switch

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