Rechargeable Power Supply

Rechargeable Power Supply

Specification: Lithium 12V/20AH;
Rated Output Power: 200W;
Output Wave: Modified Sine Wave;
AC Output Voltage:100V/110V 60Hz 220V 50Hz
DC Output: 12V5A*3 USB Output:5V2A*2

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Rechargeable Power Supply

Product Description

The rechargeable power supply SPAP_200 is the ideal emergency backup power solution for the home or office. During a power outage, it automatically supplies emergency backup power for a small office and household appliances like a refrigerator, TV, lights . In an emergency, the rechargeable power supply SPAP_200 switches seamlessly to its built-in battery and provides 240 Watts of household power. 

The Lynsa SPAP_200 is a perfect rechargeable power supply for emergency and backup power. This unique stand-alone power unit is equipped with one AC outlet and provides back up power for most of your electronic devices. The Powersource SPAP_200 will auto-sense when a power outage has occurred and will provide uninterrupted backup power to the devices plugged into any of its 90V-240 Volt AC outlets. Built-in Over Load,Short Circuit Protection helps ensure longer product life and the product carries a one year warranty. The Powersource SPAP_200 also includes a digital LCD display that informs users of its battery capacity and of the total wattage of devices that are connected.


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Solar Input Charging /AC Input Charging

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