Portable Generator Power Source

Portable Generator Power Source

Product model:PS5B
Battery capacity:Lithium-ion 400Wh
AC wall charge
DC car charge
Solar charge
AC output:300W
DC output:4*USB port:2*5V2.1A & 2*5V1A
1*12.6V car port:120W
2*DC 6mm port:2*12V3A
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Portable Generator Power Source

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1. Quiet Portable Generator Power Source For Camping

You have to consider the noise level that your generator emits. You do not want other campers in the area kicking you out of the campsite because of a noisy generator. Also, it is important to note that many National Park Service Campgrounds limit generator noise to less than 60 decibels at 50 feet.  This is why many are favoring a portable inverter generator as opposed to an open farm “portable.”

2. Small, compact, portable,convenient

Lightweight & Easy To Carry

You also have to consider bringing a small Portable Generator Power Source for camping and not those heavy home generators. Honda, Yamaha and other manufacturers have designed compact inverter generator sets which are ideal for camping. Most of these can be run in parallel if additional power is needed. Most importantly the smaller generator are significantly more fuel efficient.

3. Run time

The number of hours your Portable Generator Power Source set should be able to provide should be at least 8 hours. With a full tank of fuel, you should be able to rely on steady power that will keep running the whole night. You wouldn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night just to fill the tank with gas and then go back to sleep. You should be able to rely on a generator set that can run through the night. To expand on the point above, many open farm generators burn 2-3 times as much fuel as an Portable Generator Power Source. This is because inverter generators can vary throttle speeds based on power demand, thus increasing efficiency.


Portable Generator Power Source Productions Specification


Portable Generator Power Source Applications

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Portable Generator Power Source Production Line

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