Portable Solar Power Station

Portable Solar Power Station

Charge Way: AC Wall outlet/DC Car/Solar AC Output: 100/110/120V AC OR 220/230/240V AC Output Power: 300W(Pure Sine Wave) DC Output: 4*USB port, 1*Car port, 2*DC 6mm Port, Jump Starter Battery Capacity: Lithium ion 400Wh

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Portable Solar Power Station

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Portable Solar Power Station

Are you looking for an ideal solar backup generator? Well, Lynsa’s PS5B are two brilliant portable solar power stations worth buying. These beautiful suitcase-style generators deliver 400Wh respectively. Going on a camping, you will certainly love to carry these machines to make your outdoor life exciting. In case of emergency also, you can rely much on these highly portable gadgets.


Stylish, Durable, and Highly Portable

You get the solar generator in a very handy and portable design. The durable suitcase-style case has a strong handle so that you can take it anywhere in the wild. With a size of 233*148*237mm.


Perfect for Emergency, RV and Camping

The Lynsa solar generators are indeed perfect companions for campers, RVers and those who look to prepare a survival kit. With its small and compact design, you can easily deal with the products right anywhere. At the same time, their output and storage capacity make the solar generators brilliant for all types of off-grid power needs. Otherwise, you can use the portable solar power stations with other solar panels if you have any.


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