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The United States Levy Solar Energy Import Tax For 4 Months, $2.5 Billion Project Was Concelled
- Jun 15, 2018 -

According to GTM Research, a recent two new report revealed the state of the solar industry in the United States in 2018, showing that the abolition of projects caused by solar tariffs was billions of dollars, but the US solar industry is still expected to achieve a smooth growth.


The United States levy solar energy import tax for 4 months and $2 billion 500 million.

For the US solar industry, economic and political uncertainty has continued to shrink throughout the year in 2017, and has fallen by 15% over the previous year in production capacity. Since Trump was president, the 201 clause was submitted in early 2017, which led to a tax reform and a 30% tariff on all imported solar cells and components, which led to a "industry earthquake".

However, according to GTM Research and the latest US solar energy industry association's latest U.S. solar market insight report, the first quarter of the US solar industry added 2.5 GWA in the first quarter, an annual increase of 13%, and more than 2 GIS in the tenth quarter.

In addition, solar PV accounted for 55% of all new electricity capacity in the US in the first quarter, which is a relatively strong performance because of changes in the political direction.

Austin Perea, a senior solar analyst at GTM Research, said, "the news that residential solar space is flat in the first quarter is actually a good news after we see such a slump and a quarter of atrophy last year."

Perea added: "this is a promising indicator that residential photovoltaic development is limited, such as the sector wide customer acquisition challenges and national installer callbacks are weakening. However, these problems have not been completely resolved because we see a slowdown in the states with relatively high penetration of PV installation.

The utility scale sector installed 1.4 gigas in the first quarter, and it was more than 1 gigawatts in the tenth quarter. GTM Research believes that the industry is currently relatively segregated from 30% of import tariffs, but this trend may change in 2019. Nevertheless, GTM still predicts growth in the size of the utility sector, which is expected to reach 6.6 gigawatts by the end of this year, slightly higher than the 6.47 GW predicted in March.


The United States levy solar energy import tax for 4 months and $2 billion 500 million.

However, according to a Reuters report earlier this month, "this is not good news for the industry." The report pointed out that since the introduction of import tariffs, the value of over $2 billion 500 million has been cancelled and thousands of jobs have been lost.

Specifically, Cypress Creek renewable energy companies are forced to cancel or stop $1 billion 500 million worth of projects, mostly in the state of Carolina, Texas and Colorado. Southern Current energy had to put aside $1 billion worth of projects.

"We expect billions of dollars of projects to be abolished due to tariffs," Morgan Lyons of SEIA, the US solar energy association, said in an e-mail. In just four months, at least $2 billion 500 million has been canceled. As for the loss of jobs, we do not have exact figures yet, but we are assessing the impact of tariffs, and we expect thousands of jobs to be net loss. By the beginning of next year, we will have a firmer figure on the actual impact of tariff in the first year. "

As a whole, GTM Research and SEIA are now predicting that the US solar market will continue to grow in the next few years in all segments of the market, with a strong political wave, but the future is available.