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The Speed And Passion Of The Two People On The Road, Start From A Car Refrigerator.
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Classification of vehicular refrigerators

There are a wide variety of refrigerators in the market, different sizes and different shapes and shapes, but they can be divided into two types of semiconductor and compressor refrigerators according to their refrigeration mode. Vehicle-mounted refrigerators range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Semiconductor-mounted refrigerators are cheap, and compressor-mounted refrigerators are relatively expensive.

Semiconductor refrigerator

The principle of semiconductor refrigerator is based on electronic chip refrigeration, using special semiconductor materials, using thermoelectric refrigeration or thermoelectric refrigeration, it is a new type of refrigeration method. In terms of refrigeration, it is generally lower than the ambient temperature 10~15 degrees, and its heating temperature can be as high as 65 degrees.

The advantages of this refrigerator are not only cooling but also heating, environmental protection, pollution-free, small size, low cost, no vibration, noise when working, long life. The disadvantage is that the refrigeration efficiency is not high, the refrigeration temperature is affected by the ambient temperature, and can not reach below zero, and the capacity is small.

Compressor mounted refrigerator

mini portable car freezer.jpg

Compressor is the traditional refrigeration technology of refrigerators, refrigeration temperature is low, to - 18 degrees 10 degrees, this refrigerator and the refrigeration principle of the refrigerator we use at home is basically the same. Compressor type on-board refrigerator has the advantages of high refrigeration efficiency, ice making, fresh keeping and large volume. It is the main trend of the development of on-board refrigerator in the future. But this kind of refrigerator is heavier, less convenient to carry and the price is higher.

Issues to be paid attention to

The vehicle refrigerator is different from the static environment of the household refrigerator. The vehicle is always in the state of vibration, and the power supply used by the vehicle freezer all comes from the direct current of the vehicle. Therefore, the owners should consider the following aspects when choosing the vehicle refrigerator.

1. Aseismic and anti tremor

Because the vehicle is constantly shaking in the course of driving, the refrigerator on the vehicle needs to have good anti-vibration and anti-shaking performance to ensure its normal use.

2. Whether it has the function of storage battery protection

No matter which type of refrigerator, it is necessary to use the vehicle power supply as the working energy. After the vehicle is extinguished, the battery will continue to supply the power supply to the refrigerator. At this time the battery protection function ensures that the battery can keep enough electricity to ensure the normal ignition of the car.

3. Whether it has the function of anti electromagnetic interference

Nowadays, there are more and more electronic products in the car, and the vehicle refrigerator needs to ensure the normal work of the electromagnetic interference of other electrical appliances, so as to protect the safe use of all kinds of electronic equipment in the car.

4. Whether the protection is protected

In the course of driving, it is unavoidable to bump, the vehicle refrigerator can be dumped more likely, but the compressor refrigerator can not be dumped with the bump, otherwise the compressor will be damaged. The anti reverse protection function can ensure that the compressor is automatically stopped when the inclination of the compressor exceeds 45 degrees, thereby protecting the service life of the compressor.

5. Is the size suitable

Car owners need to take full consideration of their use scene, space size and location before buying the car refrigerator. If you need a refrigerator that can take a cold drink in the car, you need to choose a slightly smaller capacity; if you need a larger refrigerator, you can only put it in the trunk.

Maintenance of vehicle refrigerator

When using vehicle refrigerators, be sure to ensure that the vents and heat holes of vehicle refrigerators are free and keep away from heat sources. It should be gentle when cleaning and cleaning, do not use sharp items to clean up, so as not to damage the fridge.