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The Moving Fridge, The Gospel Of A Car Gens
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Summer is a season of outdoor sports and travel.

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Recently, a video circulated on the Internet has heated up friends circles. Some people use water bottles of mineral water to focus sunlight, and they can ignite dry leaves. The Beijing evening news reporter carried out some experiments in this regard: "can a bottle of water in a strong sunlight cause a fire?"

The reporter prepared a bottle of plastic bottles filled with water. The bottle body had no texture and wrapping paper, and brought a black paper with black color.

On the outdoors, spread the A4 paper on the floor and place the water bottle on A4 paper and find a good angle. As time goes by, the temperature of the spot is obviously higher than the other parts of the paper. After 5 minutes, the paper is not lit as in the video, but the location of the light point is marked by marked paste.

In order to drink water, we often put one or two bottles of mineral water in the car. Summer sun is intense, the car sometimes forget or neglect to put the light shield, resulting in long-term sunlight on the mineral water bottle, can cause hidden dangers. Wouldn't it be all right to remind yourself to remember to put the baffle on? No! No! Let's talk about another hidden danger of mineral water in the car! A random survey of 100 private cars by an organization found that 90 of them contained bottled mineral water. In the course of the investigation, many owners said they had a habit of hoarding bottled mineral water in their cars, and even when the sun was found to be very hot after the sun was exposed to the sun, they would drink the mineral water in order to quench the thirst.

"I usually drink up the water within the shelf life, so I shouldn't be poisoned." A car owner moved a box of mineral water to the trunk. Then, after exposure to sunlight, how much Celsius will the mineral water in the car reach? Is the mineral water in the warranty period safe? Looking at the following experiments, maybe you will have different opinions.

The temperature of the mineral water is up to 43.2 centigrade.

On the day of the experiment, the outdoor temperature was 34 degrees Celsius, the experimental vehicles were put on the parking lot, respectively in the dashboard of the car, the storage place of the front door water cup, the storage place of the backseat water cup and the back spare 4 places, each put 1 bottles of mineral water. Next, close the door and allow the car to be exposed to the sun for two hours.

Two hours later, the thermometer in the car showed that the temperature of the car was 41.9 degrees C, the surface temperature of the dashboard was 42, and the mineral water bottle on the dashboard had been very hot.

Then, using a professional thermometer to measure the temperature of mineral water, the temperature of the mineral water on the dashboard is the highest, reaching 43.2 degrees centigrade; the mineral water of the trunk is followed by 40 degrees centigrade; the mineral water in the storage place of the front and back seat water also reaches 38.7 and 39.1 degrees, and how to drink the hot water in the hot summer?

Can't we drink mineral water and food in the car? You need a car refrigerator at this time. In the summer and friends in the field, the food they bring has changed and the water is hot. Then you take out fresh food and cool water from the car refrigerator, cool.

Fish that you can catch easily are not fresh when they are eaten because they are not frozen. The fun of fishing is half lost, so you need a car fridge at this time. Wearing beautiful clothes, dressing up beautifully, and having a romantic summer date with my boyfriend. The hot weather has made the makeup look awful. The cosmetics that you want to make up can not bear the heat and melt. You need a car refrigerator at this time.

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