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The Development Of The Portable UPS Will Be Unstoppable!
- Jul 26, 2018 -

With the development of the society, electricity is essential in daily life, but it often meets a series of problems, such as outdoor electricity, equipment, power cut and so on. As a small energy storage power supply equipment, the portable UPS energy storage power supply also has the potential of market development gradually.

portable power station.png

The portable UPS energy storage power supply is a safe, portable, stable and environment-friendly small energy storage system. Camping, outdoor aerial photography, scientific research and search and rescue activities in the field can provide you with a very portable and sustainable green energy solution.

Portable UPS power supply power advantages:

1. plug and play: smart integrated lithium battery, inverter and solar charging module.

2. super output: AC output and DC USB and 12V output.

3. super long life: lithium battery with high safety and good stability.

4. super light weight: small size, easy to carry, easy to accept.

5. safe and reliable: aluminum alloy shell high strength, outdoor use earthquake resistance and throw resistance.

Portable UPS energy storage power can be widely used in many fields, such as emergency communication, electric power repair, medical equipment, exploration and mapping, military, fire disaster relief, outdoor environment detection and so on.

Why is the portable UPS energy storage box in the future developing trend unstoppable?

According to the economic survey company, the global market of energy storage battery in 2025 will be 4.7 times larger than that in 2016, reaching 47 billion 980 million yuan. Among them, the household energy storage battery market will reach 12 billion 800 million yuan, and the commercial energy storage battery market will reach 9 billion 440 million yuan. The large-scale energy storage battery market for renewable energy grid will reach 25 billion 740 million yuan.

Portable energy storage power supply in the future trend can not resist!

In the summer of the peak of electricity consumption, power outage has become a regular meal, or in some remote areas and war-torn countries, often faced with the problem of power cut and electricity consumption, the portable storage power supply is one of their choice to solve these problems.

These problems increasingly indicate that the trend of portable UPS power storage is overwhelming. Some traditional manufacturers of UPS power, charging piles, lithium batteries and mobile power sources have begun to enter the market of portable energy storage power supply.

Portable UPS energy storage power supply is of great significance to the utilization of new energy. With the decrease of energy storage cost and the increase of energy storage technology, energy storage has attracted more and more attention worldwide. Today, portable UPS energy storage is an irresistible trend leading the world towards a new pattern of energy utilization. The energy of storage and energy is progressed together with the times.