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Ten Of The World's Most Grotesque Solar Inventions
- May 03, 2018 -

Solar energy is a pure green energy, and it is also the main way to develop and use human energy in the future. At present, scientists have designed many solar energy invention devices, which not only provide convenient life for people, but also greatly reduce energy consumption. Here are ten of the world's strangest solar inventions and devices listed in the US media:

10. Solar electronic tombs

I hate talking about death. I can't even imagine lying under the cold, damp ground. But now, there is a reason I can imagine, that is, the electronic grave. The core of an electronic grave is an electronic tombstone, and a qualified tombstone can store all the digital information of your life: your personal site, blog and other network information, and send it to your visitor's smart phone or computer through Bluetooth technology. An electronic tombstone can record your life and personality in a variety of ways, such as websites, audio, pictures, and video. Your relatives and friends are standing in front of your tomb. By updating their electronic information, the memory and memory of you can be completed. And all this is solar energy.


9. Solar festival lanterns

When the festival comes, people begin to compete, who can decorate their home with more festive atmosphere. But do you know how much earth resources are consumed annually by these small color lights? Why not use a more environmentally friendly solar power festive lantern, which not only saves electricity (eight hours of charge in the daytime can supply 102 LED lights for nine hours), and is more convenient (the traditional color lights must be hung on the side). Near the power source, this kind of lantern is completely unrestricted. Most importantly, you can give your children a lively lesson in environmental protection.


8. Solar LCD display

The 52 Inch LED rear projection you see above is not as simple as it looks, it is connected to a huge solar power floor. This floor provides at least part of the power needed for the screen. We can't say that the design is commercially feasible, but we have to say that the designer's smart mind is in the right direction.


7. Solar refrigerator

In Namibia, people call Emily Cummins "refrigerator lady". This is because she invented a solar powered refrigerator to help poor Africans. The working principle of the solar refrigerator is two cylinders. A large cylinder has a small cylinder, the inner cylinder is metal, and the outer cylinder is wood or plastic. Sand or soil is filled between the two cylinders, and the sand is soaked with water. When the heat of the sun evaporates the water in the interlayer, the steam also takes away the heat from the inner cylinder. This keeps the temperature in the inner cylinder at around 6 degrees Celsius. In Africa, the corrosive food such as milk and meat is very scarce, because they can only keep for a few days in this hot and lack of electricity. But the invention of the "refrigerator lady" has improved the situation. We can imagine how much happiness she has made for the African people.


6.The world's Smallest Solar cinemas

If you know that the principles of movies are light and film, you may think that it is very simple to set up a movie. In fact, the film industry is a high energy consumption industry. The cooling and flashing curtain of a movie projector requires a lot of electricity. The "solar cinema" from England changed the situation. This small mobile cinema is called "the smallest solar theater in the world" by its owner. It only relies on its own solar power.

Paul O 'Connor, the founder of the art organization "Undercurrents", says that although there is not much sunshine in the UK, any cinemas can actually provide all the energy needed to show them through renewable resources such as solar energy. "This means that we have reduced a large number of operating costs, and the movie shows are no longer limited by time and venue".


5. Solar lighting skull decoration

A Halloween skull decoration is essential for Halloween. Compared with traditional methods of installing latch or plug cell, solar lighting skull decoration is a very convenient gadget. It has built-in solar power boards and rechargeable lithium batteries to store the electricity from the solar energy so that you can hang it outside the whole Halloween. Whether it looks or feels, it looks like a real skull, and it is made of rosin without any fear of wind, frost or snow. This little device can really make your Halloween comfortable and safe.


4.  The largest solar small boats in the world

The Knierim Yacht shipyard in northern Germany has recently built the world's largest solar powered small boat. The small captain, Yacht, is 31 meters wide, 15 meters wide and 7.5 meters high, covering 500 square meters of solar panels. These panels can generate 103.4 kilowatts of electricity, and only 20 kilowatts of them can drive the ship. Although it is designed to achieve an average speed of 9 miles per hour, it can reach 17 miles per hour at the fastest speed. The construction of the ship cost a total of eighteen million euros, and it is expected that the ship will be tested and navigable in this month.


3. Solar scooter

Terry Hope was very annoyed recently because he worked on a 88 foot long ship, but his replacement tool, a standard model of electric motorcycles, was not allowed to take the boat unless he could plug it into a suitcase and not use the power grid on the ship to charge it. So he had to make some small inventions. That's the light / electric hybrid bicycle you see in the picture. It can use electricity to charge, and it can use the solar energy, and it's still folding.


2. Solar glider

You may often hear solar cars, but have you ever heard of a solar aircraft? Now, at the NASA Dryden flight research center in Edwards, California, this fantasy has become a reality. This is the "Pathfinder" solar powered glider. The pioneers claim that they are all powered by solar energy and can take long and high altitude flights, but now they are flying at a speed of only 15 miles per hour. In the future, there may be a flight fleet that will be able to stay in the air for several weeks or even months to undertake scientific sampling or observation tasks. "Pioneer" is the pioneer of this plan.

1. Solar bikini

If you like to use solar energy to charge your electronic products, you may also like this gadget. Solar bikini can make you look sexy and fashionable on the beach in a moment. It is made of 1 x 4 inch solar photovoltaic thin film (6.5 watts and 1.5 ANN), which is both novel and interesting. First, it can let you don't have to go into the water and enjoy the same cool water on the beach; secondly, the USB line on its body allows you to recharge your iPod while you enjoy the sunbathing, heat your cold drink, and so on, and completely in an environmentally friendly way.