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South Africa Will Increase 5670 MW Photovoltaic Capacity By 2030
- Sep 03, 2018 -

Recently, the energy department of South Africa issued an updated comprehensive resource planning (IRP) draft. The plan aims to increase 5670 MW photovoltaic capacity and 8100 MW wind power capacity by 2030.

According to the plan, South Africa will have 11,442 MW of wind capacity by 2030, accounting for 15% of its combined installed capacity, while photovoltaics will account for 10% of its 7,958 MW capacity. Including 600 MW of concentrated solar energy capacity, accounting for 1%, and 2912 MW of pumped storage capacity, accounting for 4%. It is estimated that by 2030, 2500 megawatts of hydropower will be added in South Africa.

According to a statement by the Department of Energy, coal will account for the largest share of the combined capacity of 46% and will continue to contribute more than 65% of energy production. IRP expects to generate 1000 megawatts of coal generating capacity and 8100 MW of natural gas production by 2030.

The statement said the IRP plans to provide electricity infrastructure to ensure supply safety while minimizing supply costs, water consumption and environmental impacts. Closer monitoring of IRP updating assumptions through the annual Medium-Term System Adequacy Outlook submitted by South African National Electric Power Eskom to NERSA will ensure that current supply and demand balances are met, implementation can be accelerated or slowed down if necessary, and plans can even be revised in a timely manner, the statement said. .

South Africa's first IRP was issued in March 2011, and the Department of Energy launched a review and update process in 2015. The updated IRP will now undergo a 60 day review period.