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Solar Powered Refrigerator Bio Cooler: High-end And Convenient
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The equatorial countries such as Columbia, which have been developing at a high temperature all the year round, are lagging behind. Many remote towns do not have stable power supply. Recently, Coca-Cola has planned an activity to create a "solar refrigerator", working with LeoBurnett advertising company, to refrigerate without electricity, allowing people in the Columbia region to drink a frozen Coca-Cola.


The machine, named BioCooler, was developed by the international physical research center in Bogota. It has a large box with a cold storage room specially placed for coke cans, with grooves at the top for planting plants.

Coca-Cola launches Bio Cooler, not afraid of the sun.The working principle of this Fridy refrigerator is actually very simple. First, the plants at the top of the box evaporate the water after watering. This process will reduce the temperature of the box, and the coke lying in the box will be initially cooled. The mirrors on the box can gather solar energy and convert some special gas into liquid to cool down. The stronger the sunlight, the better the cooling effect of Bio Cooler. Although this "solar refrigerator" does not seem to have an efficient cooling effect, the idea is really good. It is a good public relations activity for Coca-Cola.

If you are not in Columbia and want to experience this kind of solar refrigerator, there is a way. Our solar fridge can also meet your requirements.

Solar refrigerator.jpg

The market is the test stone for testing creativity. Our solar refrigerator is not only high-end but also parity. New hardware can not only be "new", but also has to solve the practical problems of users. So unlike Coca-Cola's BioCooler, our solar fridge is suitable for the consumer market, and everyone can have it. 

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