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Review Of The Weekly News Of The Photovoltaic Industry
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Review of the weekly news of the photovoltaic industry

Policy article

1. great changes! Draft opinions on distributed photovoltaic management of the State Energy Administration

Industrial and commercial distribution can not choose the full amount of Internet. In addition, the other small distributed photovoltaic power generation facilities can choose the two operating modes of "all self use" "self use" and "surplus electricity online (not more than 50%)". Pay the settlement according to the basic electricity price and no longer pay the subsidy. Small distributed photovoltaic power stations should adopt the "self occupied" operation mode.

2. national energy board: first built projects in 2018 were no longer included in renewable energy subsidies.

"Opinions on improving the scale management of photovoltaic power generation" pointed out that since 2018, the National Energy Bureau no longer issued the scale of construction in various regions. All localities should strictly prohibit the construction of the unauthorized and first built first gains. The projects that need to be included in the scale management must not be built in advance, and new first built projects are not allowed, and the state will no longer incorporate them into the subsidies of the renewable energy fund.

3. action plan for intelligent photovoltaic industry development (2018-2020 years)

By 2020, the construction of intelligent photovoltaic plants has achieved remarkable achievements, and the industry automation, information and intelligence have made obvious progress. The competitiveness of intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment is breakthrough, and the competitiveness of the software and equipment supporting the photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing has been greatly improved; the ability of the intelligent photovoltaic products is enhanced and the brand effect is formed and "go out". The pace quickened.

4. Shijiazhuang photovoltaic + electricity generation of coal pilot implementation plan: every county 1~2 villages to promote each household 10kW

According to the scheme, at the same time, in promoting the rural coal conversion of coal-fired heating residents in rural areas, the roofs of coal are converted to the residents' roof, and the distributed photovoltaic power system of 10kW / household is built. 1-2 villages and districts are selected to promote the pilot of photovoltaic + coal heating. In addition, the plan puts forward that the construction will suit the local conditions and adopt three modes: resident contribution, bank loan and project implementation.

5. Tongchuan, Changzhi, Shangrao, photovoltaic technology leading base 2017 project competition optimization notice

Recently, the three cities of Tongchuan, Changzhi and Shangrao issued the competitive optimization bulletin for the project of photovoltaic power technology leading base in 2017 according to the requirements of the National Energy Bureau on the relevant documents of the photovoltaic power technology leading base, and the information form of the enterprise was announced at the same time.

6. Xi'an issued photovoltaic gift package: a total of ten categories of subsidies the highest 5 million!

By 2020, the installed capacity of the photovoltaic power station in our city reached more than 300 megawatts, and the output value of the photovoltaic industry strives to break through 65 billion yuan, forming a number of photovoltaic enterprises with innovative vitality and competitive advantages at home and abroad, which will make our city an important R & D, manufacturing and high ground for the national photovoltaic industry.

Market text

1. the market trend and trend prediction of the PV battery leader technology

By April 12th, the two leader base of Datong two, which was rejected by the State Energy Bureau, had been restarted in Golmud and Delingha, Qinghai, and the rest of the other seven major application leader bases (total 3.5GW) had been settled.

2. alarm bells! A photovoltaic installation in Hunan has an accident!

In the morning of April 11th, a photovoltaic installation accident occurred in Xinhua County, Hunan, and an accident happened to a worker during the installation and operation of a wire to the roof.

3. true "tyrant"! The Hongkong SAR government announces the "scenery" electricity price of HK $3~5 / degree.

In April 17th, the Hongkong SAR government announced the details of the "electricity price" program, which will be sold to two local power companies (Hong Kong lights and Hongkong electric power) by folk power production to encourage the development of renewable energy, including solar and wind power. Details refer to the price of renewable energy purchased by the two power companies at 3 to HK $5 per kilowatt hour, and the repurchase period is from 2015 to 2033.

4. PV price trend: "cargo delivery tide" is about to open, and supply chain inventory water level will continue to be revised downward.

In addition to the beginning of changes in the price of upstream silicon, the price of the rest of the supply chain remained unchanged this week. However, the market has begun to show the kinetic energy of pulling goods, which is reflected in the digestion of inventory atmosphere. With the coming of the second season's peak season, the pulling force will certainly be stronger. The price trend of the whole supply chain will continue to increase due to the decrease of stock water level.

5. PV bidding is a mess?

In this round of competition, the central enterprises' massive attack is undoubtedly a major attraction. It not only makes the private enterprises with more intense competition have more worries, but also makes the competition more intense.  Abandoning light, lack of subsidy, low price war, behind a series of industrial chaos is the epitome of the abnormal business climate in China's PV market.

6. "PV loan" in the end is not? This article is said to be through

On the one hand, the major banks have loosed the credit for the photovoltaic loan, while the disputes caused by the installation of photovoltaic power by the photovoltaic loan are frequently seen in the media. At present, this kind of PV loan situation has added some concerns to the people who have not been aware of the lack of photovoltaic. Some people think that the co - launched photovoltaic model (such as zero down payment) is a fraud.

International article

1.2018 European Renewable Energy asset financing market outlook

In 2017, the scale of asset financing for new renewable energy projects in Europe fell by 39% to 30 billion 400 million euros, largely due to the sluggish financing of the offshore wind power market. However, bankers expect the number of transactions in the field of offshore wind power to rise sharply in 2018, as British price contract auctions, and the winning projects in low-lying countries (Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg) and French electricity auctions are gradually approaching the end of project financing.

2. behind the world's largest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia builds the world's largest solar power plant project.

In March 28, 2018, CEO Sun Zhengyi, the Japanese Softbank group, and Mohamed, the Saudi Crown Prince, announced in New York to work together in Saudi Arabia to build the world's largest solar power project so far. The project, in line with Saudi Arabia's "2030 vision" (Vision2030), aims at getting rid of oil dependence in Saudi Arabia.

3. this year, 18 US solar enterprises plan to reduce deployment or layoffs.

Because of tariffs under Clause 201, there have been many claims about potential damage to the solar energy industry in the United States. Recently, the US solar energy industry association (SEIA) reported that it had received applications from 18 companies to reduce deployment or lay off jobs this year. This is part of an application normally called for exemption from tariff 201.

4. Bangladesh plans to import 2GW solar power from India.

Bangladesh plans to import 2000 megawatts of solar power from India, according to a senior official from Bangladesh. India's booming solar energy market is an important opportunity. In Gujarat and Rajasthan, which are solar powered, we plan to import 2000 megawatts of clean electricity.

5. the world bank provides us $50 million for Yemen off grid solar system.

The world bank will provide a $50 million grant to Yemen's isolated solar system to improve electricity and important basic services in rural and remote urban areas.

6. increased by US $20 million. Sweden's solar award budget in 2018 amounted to US $44 million.

After a budget of 200 million Swedish Krona (about $24 million) in early March, the Swedish government recently announced that it would allocate another 170 million Swedish Krona (about $20 million) for residential and commercial photovoltaic solar returns.