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Precautions For Using A Car Refrigerator
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Precautions for using a vehicle / car refrigerator

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Attention to the vehicle / car refrigerator:

1, the use of the car, the smoke device access.

2, when the cooling function is changed from the heating function, it is recommended to turn off the power supply and start the car refrigerator in 5 minutes.

3, please always ensure that the ventilation and heat dissipation holes of vehicle refrigerators are unblocked.

4, do not plug articles into the cooling holes and suction holes of vehicle refrigerators. When refrigerators are used, they should stay away from heat sources.

5. When you clean the refrigerator, please turn off all the power. Please do not use strong detergent to clean the fridge.

The use time of the vehicle / car refrigerator:

1. The environmental temperature of the refrigerator: the higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the battery life.

2, the type and quantity of goods stored in refrigerators: the more goods there are, the more refrigerators need to consume more power to keep the temperature set.

3, the number of switch doors: frequent opening and closing, and increased power consumption of refrigerators.

4, vehicle battery capacity and power status: the larger the battery capacity, the longer the use time; the more the electricity, the longer the use time.

5, refrigerator setting temperature: the lower the setting temperature, the greater the power consumption.

6, the setting level of battery protection for refrigerators: the higher the battery protection level, the shorter the use time.

The principle of vehicle / car refrigerator:

Car refrigerators are the continuation of household refrigerators. They can be either driven by semiconductor electronic refrigeration or refrigerated by compressors. The general noise is small and small. You can only cool the refrigerator by inserting the power plug into the smoke hole.

There are two main types of vehicle refrigerators in the market, one is a semiconductor vehicle refrigerator. The principle of it is to refrigerate by electronic chips and use the P-N junction made up of special semiconductor materials to form a thermocouple pair, which produces a Perle effect, that is, a new type of refrigeration through direct current refrigeration. The temperature range is 5 to 65 degrees. The advantages of the refrigerator are that it can not only cool and heat up, but also has environmental protection, no pollution, small volume, low cost, no vibration, noise and long service life. The disadvantage is that the refrigeration efficiency is not high, the cooling temperature is affected by the ambient temperature, the refrigeration can not reach the zero degree, and the other is the vehicle refrigerator of the compressor, the compressor is the traditional refrigerator technology, the cooling temperature is low, and the -18 degree is 10 degrees. High efficiency of refrigeration, ice making, freshness keeping and large volume will be the main direction of the development of vehicle refrigerator in the future. But this kind of refrigerator is heavier, inconvenient to carry and expensive.