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Popular Science: Car Refrigerator
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Vehicle refrigerators refer to refrigerators that can be carried on cars. Vehicle mounted fridge is a new generation of refrigerating and refrigerating appliances popular in the international market in recent years.

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There are two main types of vehicle refrigerators in the market, one is a semiconductor vehicle refrigerator, the principle of which is to refrigerate by electronic chip, the other is the vehicle refrigerator of the compressor, the compressor is the traditional technology of the traditional refrigerator, the cooling temperature is low, and the -18 degree is 10 degrees. The refrigeration efficiency is high, it can make ice, keep fresh and big.

Refrigeration principle

Compressor car refrigerator consists of compressor, condenser, drying filter, capillary tube, evaporator and other components. Its power comes from compressors, drying filters are used to filter dirt and dry moisture, capillaries are used to throttle and depressurize, heat exchangers are condensers and evaporators.

There are three states in the world: gaseous state, solid state and liquid state. Under certain conditions, the three states can be transformed into each other. When liquid is changed from liquid to gaseous state, it absorbs a lot of heat, which is referred to as "liquid vaporization heat absorption", and compressor refrigerator is used to refrigerate liquid vaporized heat.

The refrigeration compressor inhaled the low temperature and low pressure gas refrigerant from the evaporator and became the superheated steam at high temperature and high pressure after compression. The refrigerant in the condenser was discharged into the condenser, and the gas refrigerant in the condenser was cooled into the surrounding air to become high pressure liquid; the high pressure liquid was flowing into the capillary tube by the drying filter and became the low pressure liquid state. The low-pressure liquid vaporizes into the evaporator and absorbs the heat of the cooled object, so that the temperature drops to the required value.

The vaporized gas refrigerant is sucked by the compressor through the return pipe, so that a cycle is completed. The operation of the compressor's cold cycle has ensured the continuity of the refrigeration process.

Compressor refrigerators only refrigerating function, its refrigeration capacity can reach 18 degrees C, can segment temperature control, not easy to damage, can be stable and effective refrigeration, in many high-grade cars and marking cars, the compressor refrigerator is used, the market price is more than 10 times more than the equivalent volume of semiconductor ice box.

The characteristics are: 1. It can be applied to all kinds of voltage power, whether it is 12VDC or 24VDC, the built-in power device of the compressor vehicle refrigerator can recognize different voltage and adjust accordingly.

2, medium size compressor vehicle refrigerator has the characteristics of easy handling and excellent interior and exterior size design.

3, compressor refrigerators are most suitable for use in off-road vehicles, RVs, trucks, buses, yachts and boats. If necessary, they can be safely fixed in the vehicle.

4, advanced vehicle refrigerator special compressor for our freezer provides super cooling power, while its energy saving characteristics and quiet function also let our household get the supreme enjoyment from it.

Compressor car refrigerator consists of compressor, condenser, drying filter, capillary tube, evaporator and other components.

Charging type, it is in the energy supply can use both the home 220V alternating current, and the vehicle 12V DC, and can also continue the refrigeration work through its own power storage in the case of no power supply, so that the shortcomings of the vehicle refrigerator can not be left out of the power supply.

The difference between a car refrigerator and a household refrigerator

1, aseismic and anti shake: vehicle refrigerator has good seismic performance and is suitable for bumpy road use.

2, battery protection: vehicle refrigerator will automatically cut off after reaching the battery protection setting value to protect the car from normal startup.

3, E-mark (electromagnetic interference): the electronic control module of the vehicle refrigerator does not interfere with the other electronic products in the car, and will not affect the normal use of the car battery.

4, anti - inverted protection: when the vehicle refrigerator is used, the slight tilt does not affect the normal work. When the tilt reaches 45 degrees, it will automatically stop working and protect the compressor.

The reasons for the difference are:

1, the car in the process of running is constantly shaking, good anti shake performance to ensure the normal use of car fridge.

2, the car refrigerator is used to connect the cigarette lighter on the car. When the car is extinguished, the battery will continue to supply the refrigerator to the refrigerator. At this time, the battery protection can guarantee the battery to keep enough electricity to ensure the normal ignition of the car, thus protecting the safety of the battery.

3, a variety of electronic products in the car, all kinds of electromagnetic interference affect normal work, E-mark can ensure that the vehicle refrigerator electromagnetic interference other electrical equipment normal work, protect the safe use of all kinds of electronic equipment in the car;

4, when the compressor is too large in the angle of tilt, the continuous work will cause the damage of the compressor, affect the life of the compressor, and prevent the compressor to stop automatically when the compressor is inclined more than 45 degrees, thus protecting the service life of the compressor.

Prospects for development

Many high-end cars in the world have used OEM mode to embed a complete set of automobile refrigerators. This is the real automobile refrigerator, Europe, Europe, Japan, Korea, the needs of many more professional enthusiasts and national defense forces. It has begun to use the fully enclosed compressor car ice box, its cooling temperature can reach 18 degrees below zero. And most of the fridge can use 220 volt /110 volt -12 volt /24 volt voltage and automatic conversion. The compressor refrigerator is a traditional reciprocating compressor and a rotary compressor. Even if the refrigerator is turned over, it will not damage the compressor. The compressor is completely closed, fluorine free and maintenance free, so that the refrigerator can operate normally. Many car pull and cross-country games use this refrigerator.

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