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Photovoltaic Operation Does Not Mean Silly, Big, Rough
- Dec 04, 2017 -

Photovoltaic operation does not mean silly, big, rough

A young operation and maintenance personnel complained to reporters for helplessly. He said: "When it comes to operation and maintenance, many people think that it is particularly simple. As long as on-site safety is well done, power generation is good and components are occasionally cleaned. In short, Big, rough. "

Is that true? Operation and maintenance is the abbreviation of operation and maintenance. Based on the safety of PV power station system, the power station is managed by regular and occasional equipment testing, overhauling and reasonable operation to ensure the safe and stable operation of power plants and the investment return rate. With the development of the industry as a whole, it gives birth to deeper meanings, extends from operation and maintenance to operations, and extends from post-evaluation to post-service.

Someone described PV maintenance personnel as the "most tolerant" group of people: unreasonable design, product problems, engineering problems, weather and air problems, all need to coordinate the power grid operators, owners, local residents and other parties Personnel handling. "You need to understand the power, understand the components, understand the project, but also understand the cultivation and breeding." The above operation and maintenance staff, jokingly called operation and maintenance needs "decathlon."

PV operation into the public eye is the last two or three things. The rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, together with the important task it undertakes in energy transformation, has brought about a healthy and orderly development of the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power and has become a common problem faced by the entire industry.

Interestingly, a design institute and a new energy company spontaneously conducted a set of tests. Design Institute selected in East China, infrequently washed components, cleaning once the power generation can be increased by 20% -25%. Another company in the test data in Hami is 10% -17%. An unnamed practitioner told reporters that next year or PV operation and maintenance will be the first year. He said: "Few people asked about the cleaning of components 3-4 years ago and started to have this awareness around 2014. It is foreseeable that the operation and maintenance costs of PV power plants will increase over the next 25 years."