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One Week Dynamic Monitoring Of PV Industry Chain Market (16-20 July)
- Jul 24, 2018 -

1 Silicon material.

This week, the price of polycrystalline silicon is stable and firm. The price of polycrystalline material in the main main and second line factories in China is basically firm in the 80-85 yuan / kilogram interval. The price of single crystal material is strong in 93-95 yuan / kilogram interval. Some manufacturers will require higher orders in July. At present, the demand for polysilicon in China is still available, and the level of market stock is maintained at a low level.

2 Silicon wafer

This week, the price of polysilicon wafers is slightly rising in this week. This week, the price of polysilicon chips in the market is 2.3 - 2.45 yuan per slice, but the high transaction price is less. The mainstream price is basically maintained last week. The low market price is further back to normal level. Although the demand for polycrystalline is rising, the market is more cautious and is more cautious. Capacity start-up rate, manufacturers are now mostly wait-and-see. On the single crystal side, the current single crystal leading enterprise operating rate maintained a high level, prices and last week stable, no adjustment.

3 Battery sheet

This week, the price of polycrystalline battery chip is basically stable, the actual price is mainly concentrated in 1.03 - 1.1 yuan / W, with the exception of the high price. The supply and demand of polycrystalline batteries can be basically maintained in the market. The order of the mainstream manufacturers is full. This week, the India tariff is affected by this week, although it is not "finalised" at the end of the week. But the Indian market is beginning to show signs of temporary short-term hoarding. The price of polycrystalline batteries is expected to remain stable in the latter part of the trend in the market without oversupply. Single crystal, this week, single crystal perc battery chip demand is still not strong enough. Before the leader project has not officially started driving demand, the manufacturer feedback the current order sustainability is not high, and the conventional single crystal cell film, the volume is basically too large, the overall weak.

4 Components

The price of domestic polycrystalline components is concentrated in this week at about 2 - 2.1 yuan / W. In the case of overseas demand driven, domestic front line manufacturers are full of orders, and the result of this week's India defense tariff proposal came out. The enterprises that exported India said that the short-term export will be tight, and the short-term export of India will increase. Add.