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In 2020, We Will Effectively Solve The Problem Of Abandoning Light Nationwide
- Dec 04, 2017 -

By the end of the year, PV-related policies have been falling steadily and are positive. This paper reviews the recent PV policy in an attempt to explore the linkages between policies and the motivation and thinking of the competent department to introduce good policies.

In 2020, we will effectively solve the problem of abandoning light nationwide

"Solve abandoned abandoned abandoned wind light implementation of the program" released. On November 13, 2017, the National Energy Administration and the National Development and Reform Commission formally issued the Implementation Plan for Abandonment of Abandoned Abandoned Wind Abandonment (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), specifying that the quota system of renewable energy power should be implemented on an annual basis. Year in a row to effectively solve the problem of discarding abandoned abandoned water and abandoning light. A total of 13 programs, content up to 27 as many as to solve the "three abandoned" (Abandoned Abandoned Abandoned) the difficulty of the problem is evident. We think the "program" mainly has the following three bright spots: (1) set the target for 2017 and put forward the target of reducing the annual rate so as to effectively solve the "three abandonment" issues nationwide by 2020; (2) Annual implementation of renewable energy quota system, and clear the main quota assessment; (3) once again reiterated that the "three discarded" the importance of the issue.

In 2017, the goal of resolving abandoned light is promulgated. At the same time, it is required that all localities lower their targets year by year in order to effectively solve the problem of abandoning light nationwide by 2020. "Program" clearly put forward the goal of resolving Abandoned Light in 2017: Abandoned light rate of Gansu and Xinjiang dropped to about 20%; Abandoned light rate of Shaanxi and Qinghai will strive to be controlled within 10%; other years, the annual utilization hours of PV power should reach the national energy Bureau 2016 minimum guaranteed acquisition years of utilization hours (or discard rate of less than 5%). At the same time, the "Program" also requires that the energy management departments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) promptly summarize the achievements and policies and measures in resolving the abandonment of light and propose annual work objectives of resolving abandoned light in subsequent years, ensure that the proportion of abandoned photovoltaic power and electricity rationing declines year by year, By 2020, it will effectively solve the problem of abandoning light nationwide.

The provincial regional implementation of annual renewable energy quota system, quota assessment is the main power grid companies, distribution business and power generation enterprises. Different from the quota index directly given in 2020, the "Plan" points out that considering the factors of renewable energy resources, total electricity consumption and inter-provincial trans-regional power transmission capacity in all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) In the provincial area, the lowest percentage of renewable electricity consumption in the whole society is the quota (quota index), so if implemented, the pace of quota system implementation will be more manageable. For the first time, the subject of the quota assessment that has been outstanding for the first time is also clear. As the main body of quota assessment, power grid enterprises, power distribution enterprises and power production enterprises all share the responsibility of promoting the utilization of renewable energy in various power-related market entities and Other local power grid enterprises, distribution business (incremental distribution network enterprises with social capital investment, self-provided power plants) shall be responsible for the quota of renewable energy power in the power supply area, the power generation installed capacity and annual power generation composition of power generation enterprises shall reach The proportion of renewable energy requirements. Specific details will be announced in the future, "Renewable Energy Power Quota and assessment methods" in the same time, "program" also pointed out that "green card + quotas" may be implemented as a future subsidy system: perfect renewable energy Electricity green certificate and trading mechanism, forming a new development model for promoting renewable energy power generation and consumption.

Against the background of high coal prices and multi-pronged policies, the "three abandonments" issue was reiterated once again and the improvement of abandoned lights is expected to be the theme of the year. In 2016, under the pressure of coal to capacity, local governments in order to protect coal mines, thermal power Internet access has increased, coupled with the slowdown in electricity consumption in 2016, new energy sources to absorb pressure, Abandoned power serious phenomenon. Since this year, the Abandoned Light continued to improve. From January to September, the Abandoned Absorption Rate dropped by 3.8% from the same period of last year. We think the high coal prices and intensive policies are the main reasons for this year's significant improvement in Abandoned Light: (1) Since this year, coal (2) The Bureau of Energy released a red warning mechanism for photovoltaic. Local governments, especially the Three North Region, which have a high rate of abandoned light, need to focus on solving the problem of photovoltaic (3) the coal price is high, leading to increased cost of thermal power generation, economic decline, the thermal power of the competition worse, the photovoltaic Such as new energy power generation economy highlights this year, new energy such as photovoltaic has become the major contributor to profit margins of large power generation companies, good photovoltaic consumption; (4) the state introduced a number of intensive policies to improve the absorption of new energy such as photovoltaic issues, It mainly includes the green power certificate policy to solve the subsidy issue and the direct power generation distributed direct transaction policy to solve the problem of "rebuilding light use" Modification policy and policy flexibility to address abandoned northern winter light serious clean renewable energy for heating peaking problem of thermal power plants. Under the background of high coal prices and multi-pronged policies, the energy authorities once again reiterated the "three discard" issues including the abandonment of light and formulated a solution plan to solve the problems, which will be conducive to strengthening the policy of discarding the light and improving Support and program support, abandoned light improvement is expected to be the theme for the whole year.

Direct good stock projects, the new project real IRR will be re-embodied. Abandonment is the second biggest issue in limiting PV beyond the defaulters' subsidies. Once the abandonment of the light is better, it will benefit the PV project in the first place and increase its profitability. At the same time, it will reflect the true internal IRR of PV Come out and drive new installed demand.