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How To Install And Use The Car Refrigerator?
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The car refrigerators are divided into two types, one is that can refrigerate to 0 ℃ below, another kind called car cold and warm box, electronic cold and heat box and other refrigeration effects are generally maintained at about 5 ℃, can not make ice, ice cream and other refrigerated items can only be temporarily stored, the above two types are called vehicle / car refrigerators.

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When you buy a car refrigerator, you should try the test machine, then watch the frost on the bottom of the car's refrigerator. In some cases, it proves that the temperature can reach below 0 ℃, which is a refrigerating refrigerator. Whether it is a vehicle refrigerator or a cold and warm box, when purchasing, the color and style of the refrigerator should be considered whether it is compatible with the interior decoration. Car mounted refrigerator installation is also exquisite, the general vehicle refrigerator installed in the main driving and seat between the driving, this time to choose the door is the upturn type of vehicle refrigerator, three-dimensional vehicle refrigerator car door can not be installed.

The vehicle refrigerator freezer, which is usually installed between the main driver and the driving seat, has a volume of about 3.5-4 liters. It can put 5 cans or 4 bottles of mineral water in the 500mL. If a larger vehicle refrigerator is needed, it can be placed in the trunk of the car and the volume can reach up to 60 litres.

The difference between the car refrigerator and the car heating box is not very different, the highest temperature can reach 65 degrees centigrade, not only the heat preservation, but also the hot coffee, tea and lunch box, snack and so on. But also pay attention at the same time, car refrigerator heating speed is fast and slow, in the test machine to shine the eye, it is suggested to buy the regular manufacturer's car refrigerator, the regular manufacturer's car refrigerator generally has detailed parameters, and the vehicle refrigerator parameters are also very accurate, see the parameters can be purchased, and regular The refrigerator quality of the manufacturers is generally very stable.

The vehicle refrigerator is very free from electricity. When the car is running, the refrigerator in the car uses the electricity of the generator. When the car stops, the refrigerator transfers the electricity consumption to the battery. Because the power of the generator on the car is very large, all the electrical appliances on the car can not be added up, the vehicle refrigerator is the coincidence, and the vehicle refrigerator itself has little power consumption.

Some of the car freezer is very reasonable, once the electricity is not used, it will automatically cut off the power, so that the battery can ensure that the battery has sufficient energy to start the machine. You can buy a car refrigerator that can be automatically cut off.

1, the vehicle refrigerator must be clear of its minimum cooling temperature. The refrigerating effect of the semiconductor refrigerator is not obvious, the cooling speed is slow, and it is better to move in the refrigerated or frozen things in the household refrigerator.

2, while buying a car refrigerator, it is best to choose products with low voltage protection function.

3, it is best to equip with a power converter to achieve two correct use in the refrigerator and in the car.

4, when using vehicle refrigerators, the inlet will not be flooded or the fridge will go on strike.

5, do not put magnetic objects in the refrigerator liner to prevent the internal refrigeration chips from being affected.

6. No overheating and corrosive objects should be placed inside the box to avoid damage to the bladder.

7, semiconductor vehicle fridge should be cut off power supply for 8-10 minutes before switching from one temperature mode to another.

8, when there is no low voltage packaging vehicle refrigerator, remember to cut off the power supply after closing the engine.

9. All refrigerators have air outlets for heat dissipation. When placing them, be careful not to obstruct the outlet.

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