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How To Avoid The Hidden Dangers Of PV Anti Islanding Device Market?
- May 22, 2018 -

With the rapid rise of household PV in recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to the safety of PV grid connection. As an important security guarantee for photovoltaic overhaul, anti isolated island devices are required to install the anti solitary island device in the PV grid. The power equipment manufacturers everywhere feel that this is a good business opportunity, but most manufacturers do not understand the core technology and start copying and forgery, so it is direct. The grid connected photovoltaic system brings great security risks, and also brings great potential risks to users. Because once the problem, there will be casualties, the following I will tell the details of the illegal equipment business and how to avoid the potential risk.

The first kind of illegal manufacturer: at present, some unlawful manufacturers go directly to South Swiss solar to buy a sample, and then do it themselves, but they do not know the core technology, cause the disturbance load to heat, if the disturbance load is heated, it means that he does not understand the core technology at all. It can pull up the core function of the inverter.

Second kinds of illegal manufacturers: take the isolated island device as the anti isolated island device to sell, in fact two have the essential area. The anti isolated island device is a grid connected microcomputer protection, a single device; and the anti isolated island device side is a cabinet, the anti isolated island mainly has the RCX 9390k load special controller, disturbing the load and grid connected. Special circuit breakers and some related small switch accessories plus a complete set of 304 stainless steel cabinets. If a product resembling a microcomputer protection device is found to be playing the name of the anti islanding device, it must be false.

How to avoid the hidden dangers of PV anti islanding device market?

Contour map of anti isolated island

Third kinds of illegal middleman: middleman include dealers, contractors and contractors, which are simply the units or individuals involved in the project construction for profit except Party A. There are some illegal businessmen who may make a mistake with the lawless manufacturers in order to profit, deceive users with fake and cheap things. The anti isolated island device consists of a 304 stainless steel, a R C X - 9 - 90 - K load special controller, three disturbance loads, three photovoltaic grid connected operation switches, plus intermediate relays, time relays, wire and related accessories, factory packing, freight, and cost more than 10000, so a few thousand dollars of things base It can't be true.

For example, expose illegal companies to avoid potential safety hazards.

1, ask the manufacturer, what is the working principle of the anti islanding device and how to avoid the inverter when the islanding appears?

2, ask manufacturers, how does an anti islanding device control photovoltaic cells in several households or even hundreds of households in the public substation?

3, ask the manufacturer, what is the core role of the anti CX - 90 - 90 K anti islanding controller and how it is used in conjunction with the disturbance load and grid switch.

4, we should understand that the anti isolated island device is a cabinet, which is made up of a 304 stainless steel cabinet, a special controller for the load of R C X - 9 - 90 K, three disturbance loads and three special operating switches for photovoltaic grid connected. If there is a shortage, it is a false or unqualified product.

If the relevant manufacturers can make all the above principles clear, that shows that the manufacturer is still more popular, if not, in the middle of a fool, to deceive the user, it must be a problem, be careful.