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Global Energy Investment Continues To Turn To New Energy
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Laszlo Varo, the chief economist of the International Energy Agency, said in an interview with the economic daily, according to the 2018 World Energy Investment Report, the total world energy investment was about 1 trillion and 100 billion dollars, down 2% from the previous year, mainly due to the decline in investment in the traditional energy field. This change shows that global energy investment is continuing to turn to new energy sources.

Laszlo Varo said that investment in the field of renewable energy increased significantly, supporting the rapid development of renewable energy. With the development of technology, the cost of renewable energy is decreasing. Last year, the digitization of global grid investment and energy sector has made significant progress. The investment in grid has exceeded US $1 billion, which has strongly supported the development of new energy. At the same time, IT industry began to attach importance to investment in energy, especially new energy. China, Mexico, India and other tendering scale continue to expand, solar power alone has increased by more than 120 megawatts. In addition, renewable energy such as wind and solar energy has developed well.

Laszlo Varo believes that from the perspective of environmental protection in the energy field, low carbonization is continuing. A number of nuclear energy investment plans identified 10 years ago are still advancing steadily. The nuclear power plant is planned for 10 years from the planning stage to the start-up period, and the investment decision for solar power generation takes only half a year to 1 years. It is expected that investment in nuclear energy will decline and the proportion of green energy investment will be further enhanced. Because the electricity demand will increase by 2% in the future, the emission reduction task of the electric power industry is very severe. He fully affirmed the carbon emissions trading rights and carbon dioxide recovery measures introduced by China and other related countries, which not only reduced emissions but also effectively recycled carbon dioxide. There are many new power plants in Asia, and the service life of the thermal power generating set is generally 50 years, and the recovery of carbon dioxide is strengthened. In the long run, the effect of environmental protection and economic benefits will be more obvious. Therefore, the prospect of carbon dioxide recovery, storage and utilization is unlimited.

Laszlo Varo said, according to the forecast, by 2040, the use of green energy will completely change the energy structure dominated by oil and natural gas. In the future, while expanding the green production capacity, energy storage will be the focus of development. At present, electrical energy storage is only enough for 2 hours. The batteries allocated by various countries are mainly used for emergency maintenance of facilities and networks, and can not meet the needs of weather changes. Laszlo Varo believes that the rapid development of chemical technology will contribute to the popularity of battery industry. At present, venture capital investment in the energy sector may bring new changes, including investment in the IT industry. China's IT enterprises attach importance to the development and utilization of green energy and renewable energy. The batteries and electric cars invested by these enterprises have attracted worldwide attention. Last year, the world's 1 million new electric vehicles, which will continue to decline in oil consumption.

On the future development of the energy sector, Laszlo Varo believes that, considering the energy and environment 20 years later, the current investment in green energy is far from enough. Investment of 250 billion dollars a year can only meet the 150 megawatts of market and can not achieve the goal of getting rid of carbon. In the future, nuclear power will be expanded, or wind and photovoltaic power are increased. . At the same time, we need to strengthen the power grid construction and strengthen software development. Laszlo Varo said the international energy organization was worried that the low yield of the new energy equipment manufacturing industry, especially the photovoltaic industry, could affect future sustainable development. It is suggested that in the field of upgrading the technology and reducing the cost, the relevant enterprises should maintain the rationality of the price of the products, constantly strengthen their health and strengthen the development of the industry.

Laszlo Varo said that the leading role of the government is very important. We should increase investment and support in R & D and provide necessary subsidies to enterprises. Strengthening international cooperation in the field of energy and environment should become the focus of developed and developing countries. Countries should learn from each other and learn from each other. Everyone's way of thinking and environmental awareness are important forces for sustainable development.