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German Photovoltaic Company Younicos Launches That Energy Storage As A Service
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Recently, Younicos, a German photovoltaic energy storage company which headquartered in Berlin, proposed a new business model for renting energy storage equipment. The company's "energy storage as a service" product is designed to meet the needs of instant energy storage, and will first focus on hybrid systems and microgrid applications for commercial and industrial customers.

German photovoltaic company Younicos launches "energy storage as a service"

It is reported that Initially, Younicos stated that it will provide the shortest rental contract of 2 to 4 years, but it will provide a monthly rental contract calculated in 2019. With the growth of the fixed energy storage market, energy storage systems have become more mobile. Users can use the leasing model introduced by Younicos to deploy energy storage devices in place for a limited period of time and migrate when conditions change. Although the Younicos company's move is not the first example of such energy storage equipment leasing, it provides another way for energy storage companies to achieve differentiated operations.

In Younicos's "energy storage as a service" model, customers pay for rental costs and mobilization and demolition costs, but do not bear other costs. The energy storage system is placed in a container and can be transported directly to the site and deployed in place. The installation process is handled by Younicos. Tim Grejtak, an analyst at research firm Lux Research, said Younicos's move is justified. This move is another sign of the broad development trend of the energy storage industry. We are beginning to see the differences in the financial business model. This is very important.

Younicos company's business model may be unique in the industry, but it is not the first company to provide alternative energy storage systems or even temporary energy storage solutions. Batteries and advanced microgrid solutions can either lease batteries to customers or operate batteries as a grid asset, allowing companies to move battery services into the wholesale power market.

The solar photovoltaic industry has a good prospects, so that the solar panels, solar charge controllers, outdoor mobile power station ( battery) and other products will follow the market