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EU Launched The Largest Solar Power Plant In Gaza Strip
- Aug 13, 2018 -

EU launched the largest solar power plant in Gaza Strip

As part of its efforts to provide clean drinking water to the people of the Palestinian enclaves, the European Union has announced the largest solar power plant in the Gaza Strip.

The project will generate 0.5 megawatts of photovoltaic power per day from the South Gaza desalination plant and provide water resources to 75,000 people in Khan Younis and Rafah provinces in Gaza.

The project is built by Palsolar, headquartered in London.

In a press release announcing the operation of the project, the European Union said it intended to provide water resources to 250,000 people in southern Gaza within 18 months with new solar systems and further investment.

According to Palsolar's website, the project is likely to consist of Chinese or North American solar panels from Suntech, Amerisolar, Atlas Solar or Zhongsheng.

Other projects under the EU's Gaza Water Supply Plan could bring more good news to Palestinian installers. As part of the largest infrastructure project in the Gaza Strip, the 450 million euro Gaza Central Desalination Plant, a 2.8 megawatt roof and 13 megawatt ground installation project will be built.

Solar energy will provide about 12.5% of the project's energy needs, the EU will support 77.1 million euros and will provide drinking water for 2 million people.

An independent plan to restore 46 public and private salt water desalination plants in the occupied territories will include building 86 kilowatts of solar energy and selecting local installers after bidding, a European Union spokesman said.

France approves the deployment of 720MW solar project

France has recently approved 103 large solar projects, totaling 720 MW, in the latest phase of its 3GW deployment plan.

The average winning bid is 58.2 euros per megawatt-hour ($67.5 per megawatt-hour), down 5% from the previous round. Capacity was auctioned at 61.6 euros in February 2018, with larger projects (5-30MW) averaging 52 euros per megawatt-hour. ENGIE is one of the big winners in the auction.

Among them, more than 1/3 of the successful projects come from the northern part of the country.

French Minister of Ecology and Sustainable Development said, "All regions of France can benefit from the large-scale development of solar photovoltaic power generation. Energy transformation in all regions is now being carried out everywhere, particularly through increased production and the establishment of environmental-related bonuses in tenders.

Bolivia starts building 50MW photovoltaic power station

According to reports, the Bolivian Ministry of Energy has announced that it has embarked on the construction of a 50-megawatt photovoltaic power plant in Western Oruro.

The total cost of the Oruro project is estimated at $39.6 million (34.29 million euros), funded by the French Development Agency, the European Union and the Bolivian Central Bank.

The photovoltaic facility, located in Cercado Province, consists of about 150,000 solar panels, with an estimated annual total output of 105,000 MWh.

The Oruro Solar Power Plant will help reduce the country's natural gas consumption and ensure the country's electricity supply when it starts and operates photovoltaic plants, while increasing electricity exports and preventing excess power.