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Do You Know The Portable Refrigerator?
- May 28, 2018 -


As a common appliance for keeping food fresh or keeping other products at constant temperature.

The ancient inhabitants of 2000 B.C.

They have begun to store ice in pits.

In the Middle Ages

There are also special containers or cabinets

Harrison's use of Faraday's theory in 1851

The first refrigerator was made and used in the brewing industry.

In 1873, the refrigerators with ammonia as refrigerants appeared

The first home refrigerator of the world appeared in 1879

Until 1930, a large number of refrigerators were in the family

But the refrigerator refrigerant was unsafe at the time.

The emergence of various toxic, flammable, corrosive and other problems.

So people began to look for better refrigerants

According to the working principle of the refrigerator, it can be divided into

Compression refrigerator: simply put the "heat" in the fridge to the outside of the refrigerator. Its advantages are long life and convenient use

car freezer.png

Absorption refrigerator: conversion between gas and liquid to achieve endothermic effect. The shortcoming is low temperature and slow efficiency

Semiconductor refrigerator: refrigeration is achieved through direct current (household electric power).

Chemical refrigerator: refrigeration effect is achieved through chemical substances.

Electromagnetic vibration refrigerator: using the electromagnetic vibration actuator as the driving force, the principle and structure are the same as the compression type.

Solar refrigerator: refrigerator using solar energy as energy source

Solar refrigerator.jpg

The following three are not common

Adiabatic degaussing refrigerator

Radiant refrigerators

Solid refrigerators

The get of the refrigerator

1. Stockings extension life

Many girls are often puzzled by stockings. They should not be unsealed and put in the refrigerator freezer for 1~2 days. After that, you can put it on for about half a day. The change of temperature can increase the toughness of stockings.

2. Dampness recoverable

If the biscuit is damp, it will not taste crisp, but it has not yet exceeded the expiration date. Unfortunately, the biscuits can be frozen in the fridge for about 24 hours. The cookies are removed and the taste is restored to the original crisp.

3. Flat and real silk

The silk clothes are wrinkled after washing. The soft clothing is very troublesome. It can be put into a plastic bag and put into the refrigerator for a few minutes. It is easy to take it out and iron it.

4. Cut egg yolk is not broken

Just boiled boiled eggs or tea eggs, all yolks are broken with a knife. They can be refrigerated for 1 hours. When yolk is slightly cold and solid, cut again. The incision will be smooth and the yolk will not be broken.

5. Beans are fast boiled

If the red beans are not soaked, it is difficult to boil the red beans and boil the red beans with the water. After cooling, they will be put into the refrigerator for about 2 hours. After taking out, the water meter layer will have some ice phenomenon. At this time, the pot is heated, and the water is different from the red bean. The temperature changes make red beans boil after about 20 minutes.

6. Candles are resistant to wax and no wax

4 hours before candles are used, the candles are put into the fridge before freezing. When the icy candles are ignited, they will burn slowly for a long time, and it is not easy to drop wax.

7. Remove gum

When the gum is inadvertently sticky on the item, it can be frozen in the refrigerator with the items that stick to it. After about 1 hours, the gum becomes brittle and hard. At this time, the articles are taken out and the gum can be stripped gently.

8. To remove the spicy taste

The onion and the onion and other spices are cut directly. The spicy taste will make people cry. It may be good to freeze the refrigerator for 1 hours before the spicy material is more stable, then it will not be smoked.

9. Kill Book moth

Books collected in the family will grow worms for a long time. Wrap the books in plastic film bags and put them in the refrigerator freezer for 12 hours. The worms will freeze to death. If the book is soaked in water, it will wrinkle and yellowish whether it is dried or dried. The wet book can be smoothed and put into the fridge freezer. After two days, it is removed and restored.

10. Desalination of bitter gourd taste

Balsam pear has the function of clearing fire, but some people are not accustomed to its bitter taste. Put bitter gourd into the fridge for a period of time before taking it out, and the bitter taste will be much lighter.

11. Soap complex hardness

When the soap softens with water, it will become sticky and soft. It will be very inconvenient to use. Refrigerate the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. The refrigerator can absorb excess water in the soap to restore hardness.

12. Fried rice is more delicious

The cooked rice is placed in the freezer after being cool and frozen for 2 hours, and then fried. The fried rice will be separated from each other and each grain will be chewed.

13. Prevent blister after scald

After the hands and feet are scalded, the scalded hands and feet can be immediately inserted into the fridge to relieve pain and avoid foaming.

14. Cooked chestnuts are easy to peel off the shell

Chestnuts are not easy to peel after cooking. As long as they are cooled for 2 hours in the refrigerator, the shell and meat can be separated and stripped to make the chestnut meat complete.

15. The quality of tea

Tea, cigarettes and medicines are stored in the fridge, but they will not deteriorate in 18 months.

16. Fish in the refrigerator

In the fridge fruit box, fish can be kept alive for several days without changing the water. It can be conveniently and vividly eaten with food.

17. The preservation of pig liver

After chopping the pork liver and adding vegetable oil, it can keep fresh for several days in the fridge.

18. Beer made of ice

Beer, red wine and brandy are made into solid ice wine blocks in ice making boxes.

19, Put the birthday candle in the fridge for 24 hours, and then put it on the cake, so there will be no wax oil smear the cake.

20, The mask will be frozen in the refrigerator after the absorption effect will be better.