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Demand For Lithium Batteries In China: When Will Lithium Battery Separator Rise?
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Lithium battery has higher density than energy and energy, low self discharge rate, no memory effect and pollution-free environment. The performance of lithium battery is better than other energy storage batteries, so the proportion of lithium battery in industrial energy storage battery is gradually increased.

Lithium batteries have been widely used in portable appliances such as portable computers, cameras and mobile communications for their unique performance advantages, and large capacity lithium batteries have already begun to be used in new energy vehicles. It is expected that lithium batteries will become one of the main power sources of new energy vehicles in twenty-first Century, and will be applied in satellites, aerospace and so on.

Statistics show that smart phones and notebook computers are the main application market of lithium batteries in the consumer electronics field. In the past 2016-2017 years, the growth of lithium batteries in the consumer electronics field has been growing steadily, but demand is still at a high level. Thanks to the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, China's lithium battery industry has maintained rapid growth in the new energy field since 2012. In 2017, China's lithium battery production was 10 billion 23 million, an increase of 27.81% over the same period last year. The increasing demand for lithium battery market will drive China's lithium battery industry to achieve leaping development.

In China's four core materials of lithium batteries, positive and negative materials and electrolytes have been made domestically, but the high-end lithium battery separator is still a technical short board. Diaphragm is one of the key components of lithium battery. The quality of diaphragm directly affects battery capacity, charge cycle life, flame retardant and detonation safety performance. At present, China's domestic membrane is mainly supplied in the low-end 3C battery market, and the high-end membrane still relies heavily on imports.

In 2017, the global power battery sales in China occupied the first place, and the market demand was large. Therefore, there are many lithium battery manufacturers in China, more than 200, which is the largest country with the lithium battery production enterprises in the world. China has formed a relatively perfect power battery industry chain, the battery industry is large, but it is not strong enough. The best lithium battery diaphragm material in the world comes from the two Japanese companies in Asahi and East combustion chemistry, and the 90% share of the domestic lithium battery aluminum plastic film market is monopolized by Japanese manufacturers.

In 2017, China's lithium battery market reached 113 billion yuan. In the future, the number of diaphragm materials for high quality vehicle batteries in China will reach hundreds of millions of square meters every year. The development of lithium-ion battery will be urgent if we want to overcome the high-end membrane technology of lithium battery as soon as possible.

Industry analysts say, lithium battery high-end diaphragm technology has a fairly high threshold, not only a huge amount of capital investment, but also a strong research and development team, sophisticated technology and high level production line, and a short time to break through. With the progress of science and technology in China, more attention should be paid to the technology of lithium battery separator, and domestic enterprises will intensify their research and development efforts. I believe that in the near future, China's lithium battery industry will break through the technical bottleneck, break the monopoly of foreign countries and take the initiative in their own hands.

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