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Colorful Solar Electrical Appliances
- May 18, 2018 -

When it comes to solar energy, many people are no stranger to it. Solar streetlights on the street and solar water heaters at home have become quite popular. But if you think the role of solar energy is only that, you can be out.

Solar refrigerator

Do you have the experience of driving a car all the way in the hot sun in the summer, picking up a drink but finding that it has long been burned, and there is no desire to drink at once?

Solar refrigerator.jpg

A solar refrigerator designed by our design team solves this problem. Our solar refrigerators have wide storage space range , and has a very thick box wall, Easy temperature setting & control. The display allows to choose exact temperature needed as per user wish and the electronic control holds it where it should be. Compressor speed control
The compressor is electronically speed controlled to achieve a very fast cooling or freezing.. It is powered by solar energy and can achieve better cooling effect anytime and anywhere.

Solar air conditioning

If you have the fridge and feel hot, you may need to spend 50 dollars on a solar air conditioner. A YouTube user named desertsun02 released the whole process of making solar air-conditioning on the Internet. He used only a PVC tube, a small fan, a cooling container (a plastic box), and some ice, which made a home air conditioner, which can be as low as 42 degrees Fahrenheit (5.5 degrees centigrade).


The whole process takes only 15 minutes. First, desertsun02 uses electric saw to open two holes on the top of the plastic box, and its size needs to be consistent with the PVC tube and the small fan. Then he put ice in the plastic box and turned the fan towards the inside of the plastic box. The fan can not only be powered by solar energy, but also connected to a battery pack. Desertsun02 said the battery pack could take 7 hours and the ice melts for about 5 hours.

Solar washing machine

The play was sweating, and there was no washing machine. French students invented the solar washing machine. The material is also simple and easy to get, except for bicycle wheels, bamboo, wood panels and solar panels. Its working principle is similar to the current drum washing machine: the motor uses electric power from the solar panel to drive a cylinder of the wheel and the bamboo tube, and the clothes inside are cleaned. It's a gospel for people who like outdoor and are too lazy to do their own laundry.


In addition, solar energy has been applied to a wider field. Solar trash can either charge or link WiFi; the world's largest solar powered solar power 2 is traveling around the world.

Do you still think that solar energy has only street lamps and water heaters?