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Analysis Of Investment Market In Energy Storage Industry
- Aug 01, 2018 -

China plans to increase the proportion of non fossil energy to primary energy consumption to about 20% by 2030; with the closure of coal-fired power plants and gas stations, the proportion of renewable energy is gradually increased in the overseas market. The global demand for new energy mainly relies on clean energy to meet. It is the general trend that new energy, mainly wind and solar energy, will replace traditional energy.

Because of the fluctuation and intermittence of wind energy and photovoltaic power generation, the problem of safe and stable operation and effective absorption of new energy is very prominent. Energy storage technology can smooth the fluctuation of new energy power generation, and is an indispensable element of energy substitution.

The application scenario of energy storage

Centralized renewable energy grid: the use of energy storage system to achieve renewable energy generation peak, smooth output, increase the amount of electricity online, to obtain compensation for electricity limit.

Combined frequency modulation of thermal power: According to the power grid instructions, when frequency fluctuations occur in the power grid, instead of the cause of unit output, the corresponding frequency modulation instructions to obtain joint frequency modulation compensation.

Paid peak shaving: peak load compensation is achieved by charging and discharging the energy storage system. Reduce investment in distribution network and relieve load pressure during peak load period.

Independent Frequency Modulation: According to AGC instructions to quickly and accurately adjust the frequency, smooth the grid frequency, improve the grid operation efficiency and security and stability level; obtain frequency modulation compensation.

Other services: energy assistance in power auxiliary services can also help black start, voltage regulation and other services.

Peak filling and valley filling: energy storage system in low price storage energy, high electricity price discharge, thus without changing the user behavior, to help users reduce the overall cost of electricity consumption, energy storage and scenery combined with the user charge electricity.

Demand regulation: without affecting policy production, by reducing the maximum power consumption, thereby saving basic electricity costs, access to energy-saving revenue of electricity demand.

Forecast of energy storage market scale

In 2025, the global energy storage market is expected to exceed trillion yuan.

Since 2012, the accumulative loading scale of the electrochemical energy storage projects in China is in a steady growth stage, with a composite growth rate of 54% (2012-2106), and it is expected to maintain a high speed growth in the short term.

From 2016 to the end of June 2017, the size of electrochemical energy storage installed in construction and transportation in China has reached 1.35GW. In 2017, the installed scale of the newly added electrochemical energy storage projects in China was 500MW, doubling the year on year.

According to the forecast, by 2025, the global installed capacity of electrochemical energy storage will exceed 500GW, and the market will be more than trillion yuan.