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20 Points Of Attention For Distributed PV Installation
- May 31, 2018 -

With the increasing popularity of photovoltaic power generation, many owners want to install one on their own roofs. While enjoying green energy, there is a good profit. Xiaobian reminds you that it is the right choice to find out these precautions before consulting the local professional PV installation companies.

Have to look! Distributed photovoltaic installation 20 points of attention!

1. is it necessary to install a distributed PV system because of the need for building transformation platform?

According to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, the distributed photovoltaic power generation system on the roof is not illegal. As long as the submission of applications through the compliance approach and the rational design and construction of photovoltaic power stations, the State Grid will be connected to the power grid and pay subsidies on time. At present, in the construction and installation of home photovoltaic power generation system, it has very mature market experience. There is no need for reconstruction of the house. It can be determined whether it can be installed according to the roof condition, no matter whether it is before the decoration or after the decoration, there is no effect on the building, and the construction of the solar power station on the ground is the main. Considering the geographical conditions, most of the ground power stations in China are currently in the scarce northwest area, which not only improves the utilization rate of the empty land but also improves the economic benefit.

2. how to determine whether the roof is suitable for installing distributed photovoltaic?

Because the distributed photovoltaic (PV) uses solar panels to convert the solar energy into electricity, it is very important for the sun to shine. The south facing roof is the most suitable for installing the distributed photovoltaic. Secondly, the roof has no obstruction before and after, so it will not affect the sunlight. Finally, the roof should have a large area to install solar panels to maximize power generation.

3. what are the components of the distributed photovoltaic grid connected generation system?

Distributed photovoltaic power generation system consists of photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic grid connected inverter, distribution box, two-way metering electric energy meter and so on.

4. how to choose the grid connected voltage of distributed photovoltaic grid connected system?

The grid connected voltage of the distributed photovoltaic system is mainly determined by the capacity of the system installed. The specific grid voltage needs to be decided by the Power Grid Corp access system. The general household uses AC220V to access the power grid, and the commercial AC380V or 10kV can be selected to access the grid.

5. what is the determination of the tilt angle of the photovoltaic array?

The installation angle of PV array is usually determined by the latitude of the installation site.

6. how can the installation orientation of the photovoltaic array be determined? What is the effect on the power generation effect?

Because the main cause of the photovoltaic power generation is the sunshine amount, the assembly should be installed in the sun's most adequate direction, and the different installation angles also affect the power generation of the photovoltaic components.

7. how to choose the photovoltaic power plant system?

When choosing photovoltaic power station, it depends on whether the brand is reliable or not, and can guarantee the quality and service of the product. To choose professional, regular brand of photovoltaic products. Shengshi sunshine product system has developed and introduced photovoltaic inverter, household power stop treasure, container storage equipment and other technology leading and high-quality photovoltaic products, further improved the brand industry chain, and has obtained a number of international qualification certification and domestic CQC certification.

8. should the design and installation of PV arrays take into account the effect of wind speed? How should we consider the requirements of building load and wind resistance when installing distributed photovoltaic?

In building a photovoltaic array on the roof of a building, the load of the roof of the building must be considered. At the same time, the safety of the photovoltaic array is considered by the turbulence and speed changes of the air flow after the building is encountered. Only the local wind condition, the landform, the terrain and the relative environment of the building which are planned to be installed with the photovoltaic array are taken into account. Position can ensure the safety of PV array and surrounding life and property.

9. how to decide the installed capacity of household photovoltaic power generation system?

The size of the installed capacity of the home photovoltaic power system depends on the load of the electrical equipment, the style of the roof and the area of the roof, and the optimal installation capacity is determined by the approval of the Power Grid Corp. According to the area of the idle roof, the general 5 kilowatt photovoltaic power station covers an area of 50 flat. However, before installation, we need to measure the roof size and design with professional technology.

10. how can we distinguish the current power consumption from the grid or the solar cell components of our own household when the distributed photovoltaic power generation system is connected to the grid?

After the installation of the distributed generation system is completed, the Power Grid Corp will check and check the network. After the acceptance, two blocks (or bi-directional meter) will be installed in the owner's home, and the two meters will independently measure the power generation of the photovoltaic system and the electricity consumption of the city.

11. will the photovoltaic system work if there is continuous rain or fog and haze after installation? Will there be power shortage or power off?

Photovoltaic power station can also be generated under a certain weak light, but due to continuous rain or fog and haze weather, the sunlight radiation intensity is low. If the voltage of the photovoltaic system can not reach the starting voltage of the inverter, the system will not work, the grid connected power generation system and the distribution network are parallel operation, when the photovoltaic system is not. When the load needs to be met without working, the power supply will be automatically replenished, and there will be no shortage of power and power failure.

12. will distributed photovoltaic access affect power quality?

The quality of electric energy is the quality of power in the power system. The main AC and DC conversion components of the system are inverters. The inverter is put into operation after the test is qualified by the power quality test instrument, so it will not affect the quality of the power.

13. is it possible to store the electricity generated by daylight distributed photovoltaic systems for night lighting?

In order to store the electricity generated by daytime distributed generation system to be used as a night lighting, it can add the Shengshi solar photovoltaic power outage treasure. The daytime controller stores the power of the photovoltaic power in the blackout treasure. When the night electricity / city electricity is needed, when the electricity is stopped, the PV can be used as a home emergency power supply. It can be used as the starting power of photovoltaic inverter to drive the whole photovoltaic system to generate electricity.

14. is it necessary to install additional photovoltaic power generation systems on existing buildings? How do they connect to existing electrical systems at home?

The circuit of the photovoltaic system is divided into DC and AC parts. The two parts of the line need to be connected separately, the communication part should be connected with the grid, and the network is located at the user side electric meter position, and finally connected with the existing electrical system in the user's home.

15. what information does the design engineer need to provide when designing the system according to customer requirements?

When the system is designed, the information required by the customer is divided into options and strong options. The necessary options include the location of the project, the surrounding environment, the building years, the roof type, the roof load, the access voltage level, and the roof photos. The optional parts include the average monthly electricity consumption, the roof board structure, and the CA D drawings, roof surface conditions, electric meter box photos, etc., of course, the more detailed the optional part is, the more reasonable it will help to optimize the design and improve the power generation.

16.Where will the  system be accepted after the establishment of the system? Where should we pay attention to the acceptance?

The inspection is mainly organized by the power grid enterprises, focusing on the grid performance, construction quality, component certification, inverter authentication and technical parameters, lightning protection, fire safety, and component fire authentication.

17. How does the  installation process go on?

The installation process of the distributed photovoltaic grid connected power generation system is the installation of the basic construction, the installation of the support, the installation of the components, the installation of the electrical equipment such as the converge box, the inverter and the distribution cabinet, the installation of the connection lines, the installation of the power grid access system and the metering device.

18. what is a two-way electric meter? Why do you need a bi-directional meter?

A bi-directional meter is a meter that can measure electricity and electricity. Both power and power are directional. From the point of view of electricity, power consumption is counted as positive power or positive energy. The power generation is considered as negative power or negative power. The meter can read the positive and reverse electric quantities and save the electricity data through the display screen. Store up.

The reason for the installation of bi-directional electric meters is due to the fact that the photovoltaic power is not completely consumed by the user, and the remaining power needs to be transported to the grid. The meter needs to measure a number. When the photovoltaic power can not meet the user's needs, it needs to measure another number. The ordinary single meter can not meet this requirement. Therefore, smart meters with bidirectional metering functions are needed.

19. how to apply for the installation of photovoltaic power stations?

Go to the nearest power supply office for application. The user can carry the ID card, residence booklet and property certificate to the business hall. After the user submits the application, the local power supply enterprise will arrange the site investigation, and then install it. After the installation is completed, the power supply enterprise will check it. After the examination and approval, the power supply enterprise will send people to install the metering device (smart meter), sign the network contract and carry out the grid debugging. About a month or so can be done. The user can choose all the power to surf the Internet, or choose to use it voluntarily.

20. what are the subsidies for distributed PV generation to be paid to the owners?

As one of the benefits of installing distributed photovoltaic, how to distribute subsidies has always been one of the most concerned issues for owners. At present, distributed photovoltaic is generally using the mode of self utilization and surplus power Internet. For the power generation of the photovoltaic system, the surplus photovoltaic power is measured and counted by the power grid enterprises. All the power generation capacity of the photovoltaic system can be subsidized by the state electricity quota. According to the measurement data of the photovoltaic power, the power grid enterprises forward the state subsidy funds according to the standard of the state subsidy. Therefore, as long as the owners wait for electricity generation subsidies to enter your original bank card.