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Where can the Photovoltaic power station be installed?
- Jul 23, 2018 -

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1. Industrial plants

Industrial plants are the most widely used and most industrial and commercial projects. The installation of photovoltaic power station in industrial plants can use idle roofs, revitalize fixed assets, save peak electricity bills, increase the revenue of enterprises by adding electricity to the Internet, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction, resulting in a good society. benefit.

2. Livestock farm

Large-scale livestock farms can also be installed with photovoltaic power plants. They can install their own electricity or rent their own roofs.

3. Mall / commercial center / Hotel

Commercial center or hotel has a lot of electric equipment, such as refrigeration / heat, elevator, light and so on. It belongs to high energy consumption place, some roofs are more abundant; photovoltaic panels can heat insulation on the roof. In the summer, the power consumption of air conditioning can be reduced.

4. Hospital

The hospital almost 24 hours of business, power consumption is a high energy consumption enterprises, such enterprises for clean energy, or in the daytime free electricity, saving electricity, there will be a lot of demand.

5. School

The school has the advantages of installing photovoltaic power plants.

(1) the power station is built on the roof of the school, which is equivalent to a large science base.

(2) the school has a wider roof, good structure and stable electricity consumption.

(3) School operation is stable, property rights are clear and financing is relatively easy.

6. Tower base station

The number of communication base stations is large and the distribution range is wide, and it must be guaranteed to be uninterrupted 24 hours a day. In the absence of access to distributed photovoltaics, in the event of a power outage, the crew needs to start a diesel generator to ensure temporary power supply, and the operation and maintenance costs are high. If a distributed photovoltaic power generation system is added, both practical and economical. , have a very high installation value.

7. Traffic (non-road)

In addition to the photovoltaic highways that everyone knows, in fact, in the high-speed, other space can also be installed photovoltaic power plants, such as sound insulation walls, high-speed service areas, roads in the middle or both sides, tunnels and so on. Moreover, in addition to highways, there are many cases of photovoltaic applications in airports, railway stations, subway stations and bus stations.

8. Carport/parking

Photovoltaic carport is the most simple and feasible way to combine with buildings. Photovoltaic carports are equipped with sunshade and rain absorption, good heat absorption, and can also integrate light (storage) to provide clean energy for new energy vehicles and battery vehicles. Business districts, hospitals, schools, etc. have more and more applications.

9. Water plant (sewage treatment / purification plant) / thermal power plant

Sewage treatment and waterworks have large-scale water treatment pools. In addition, sewage treatment plants have relatively large annual electricity consumption, and there is great economic benefit after installing photovoltaics. Photovoltaic power generation projects use roofs and sedimentation tanks of sewage treatment plants. The addition of solar photovoltaic panels to biochemical cells and contact pools has a unique space advantage.