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What is the technology of solar refrigerators?
- Jan 17, 2019 -
Solar Energy Refrigerator.jpgSolar photovoltaic refrigerators mainly include solar photovoltaic refrigerators and solar semiconductor refrigerators. The solar photovoltaic refrigerator is developed on the basis of ordinary conventional compression refrigerators, and is composed of solar cells, controllers, batteries and refrigerators. The solar semiconductor refrigerator mainly comprises a solar cell array, a controller, a battery and a semiconductor refrigeration device. The solar cell array is located on the sun-illuminated surface or the top surface of the refrigerator, and is connected to the controller disposed on the front side of the refrigerator through a connection, and is controlled. The device is connected to the hot end of the semiconductor refrigeration device disposed on the other side of the refrigerator, and the other end is directly connected to the cold end of the semiconductor refrigeration device. One end of the battery disposed in the refrigerator is connected to the controller, and the other end is connected to the solar cell array. Between the controller and the controller.

High-efficiency solar collectors are key components of solar refrigerators, including non-focusing solar collectors and focusing solar collectors. Among them, the non-focusing solar collectors are divided into three types: flat type, vacuum tube and CPC type. These three types of collectors have low heat collection temperatures, and below 250 °C, they are low-temperature or medium-temperature solar collectors; Solar collectors are divided into three types: trough type, dish type and tower type. Under normal circumstances, these three types of collector type collectors can reach more than 300 °C, which is a medium-high temperature collector. For solar refrigerators, non-focus solar collectors are mainly used in solar adsorption refrigeration refrigerator systems, while focused solar collectors can be applied to solar photovoltaic refrigeration refrigerator systems.

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