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What is a polymer solar battery?
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Nowadays, the energy issue has become a common topic of global concern. Countries are constantly trying and developing new and renewable energy sources such as solar energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, and nuclear fusion energy. Among them, solar energy as a new energy, due to relatively mature technology, widely favored by countries, and China has become the world's leading solar market. Therefore, today we will briefly introduce polymer solar battery.

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1. What is a polymer solar battery?

  The polymer solar battery is generally composed of a blend film of a conjugated polymer donor and a fullerene derivative acceptor sandwiched between a transparent positive electrode ITO and a metal negative electrode, and has a simple structure, a simple preparation process, a low cost, and a light weight. Can be made into flexible devices and other outstanding advantages

2. The principle of polymer solar battery

  The basic principle of a polymer solar battery is to utilize the photovoltaic effect generated by light incident near a semiconductor heterostructure or a metal semiconductor interface. Photovoltaic effect is a phenomenon in which an electron-hole pair-exciton generated by light excitation is generated by the separation of potential energy of a scenic spot caused by various factors.

When photons are incident on the photosensitive material, the photosensitive material is excited to generate electron and hole pairs, which are separated and transported by the built-in electric field of the solar battery, and then collected by the respective electrodes. During charge transfer, electrons move toward the cathode and holes move toward the anode. If the outside of the device is connected with wires, currents are formed inside and outside the device.

  As a key device, the performance parameters of a polymer solar battery directly determine its application field. For this reason, researchers from various countries have invested a lot of research in improving their performance, including improving light absorption, improving mobility, new materials, and theoretical exploration.

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