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What are solar energy storage system?
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy.the technology of storing solar energy directly in the form of heat is called solar thermal storage technology in order to avoid low energy flow density, restricted by day and night, season, rain or shine cloud rain and other factors.


Solar energy is a clean renewable energy source. Of all the renewable energy sources, solar energy is the most widely distributed and easily available.however, solar energy is subject to the influence of regular changes in geography, day, night and season as well as random factors such as rain or shine cloud rain. The energy flow density is low, usually less than one kilowatt per square meter.in order to ensure the stable operation of solar energy utilization, it is necessary for solar energy storage devices to store solar energy and release it when solar energy is insufficient, so as to meet the needs of continuous and stable supply of production and living energy.almost all solar thermal devices used for heating, supplying hot water, and heating the production process need to store heat.


Types of solar energy storage systems

Solar energy and storage system has three meanings: One is to store the solar energy received during the day to use at night, the other is to store the solar energy received in sunny days to use in rainy weather, and the third is to store the solar energy received in summer to use in winter.there are two main types of storage methods for solar energy research at home and abroad: First, direct storage of solar energy, namely solar thermal storage, is mainly divided into three types: Sensible heat storage, phase change storage and chemical reaction storage.the second is to convert solar energy into other forms of energy and then store it, such as electricity and mechanical energy.

Solar Energy Storage System