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Uninterruptible power system routine maintenance matters
- Aug 30, 2018 -

In the process of using uninterruptible power system, people often unilaterally think that the battery is maintenance-free without paying attention to it. However, some data show that the proportion of uninterruptible power system mainframe failure or abnormal operation caused by battery failure is about 1/3. Therefore, it is more and more important to strengthen the correct use and maintenance of uninterruptible power system batteries for prolonging battery life and reducing the failure rate of uninterruptible power system. The correct use and maintenance of batteries should be made in the following aspects:

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(1)In the normal use of uninterruptible power system, the mainframe maintenance work is very little, mainly dust prevention and periodic dust removal. Especially in dry climate areas, there are more dust particles in the air. The fan in the machine will bring dust into the machine to deposit. When the air is humid, it will cause the main engine control disorder and cause the main engine to work abnormally, and the inaccurate alarm will occur. A large amount of dust will also cause bad heat dissipation of the device. It should be thoroughly cleaned every quarter. The second is to check whether the connectors and plugging parts are loose or unfastened when dusting.

(2) Although the energy storage battery pack currently uses maintenance-free batteries. However, the impact of abnormal working conditions on the battery has not changed. This part of the maintenance and repair work is still very important. The maintenance and repair work of the uninterruptible power system is mainly in the battery part.

(3) When the uninterruptible power system battery system fails, the cause should be first identified, whether it is the load or the uninterruptible power system; whether it is the host or the battery pack. Although the uninterruptible power system host has a fault self-test function, it is opposite to the point, and it is convenient to replace the parts. However, to repair the fault point, a lot of analysis and testing work still needs to be done. In addition, if the self-test part fails, the displayed fault content may be incorrect.

(4) In case of breakdown of the main engine, failure of insurance or burnt device, it is necessary to find out the cause and remove the fault before restarting. Otherwise, the same fault will occur successively.

(5) When a battery with voltage reversal, large voltage drop, large voltage difference and acid mist leakage is found in the battery pack, corresponding methods should be adopted to restore and repair it in time. If the battery can not be restored and restored, it should be replaced, but the batteries with different capacities, different performances and different manufacturers can not be linked together, otherwise it may bring to the battery pack. Adverse effects. The battery pack whose life time has expired should be replaced in time, so as not to affect the mainframe.