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The radiation of photovoltaic power generation is not big?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Although more and more families have chosen to install a household photovoltaic power station, there are still some people who will raise concerns about the radiation of photovoltaics. So is there any radiation in the PV power plant?

To figure out this problem, we first need to understand two concepts, what is photovoltaic power generation and what is radiation?

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1. PV

Photovoltaic power generation converts light energy directly into DC power through the characteristics of the semiconductor, and then converts the direct current into an alternating current that can be used by us through the inverter. There is no chemical change and nuclear reaction, so photovoltaic power generation will not have short-wave radiation.

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2. Radiation

The meaning of radiation is very broad. Light is radiation, electromagnetic waves are radiation, particle flow is radiation, and heat is radiation. So clearly we are in a variety of radiation.

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3. Will photovoltaic power generate radiation?

For photovoltaic power generation, the generator of solar modules is completely a direct conversion of energy, energy conversion in the visible range, no other products are generated during the process, so no additional harmful radiation is generated. The inverter is only a general power electronic product. Although there are IGBTs or triodes and there are dozens of k switching frequencies, all inverters have a metal shielded enclosure and comply with globally specified electromagnetic compatibility. Certification.

From the above description, it can be determined that photovoltaic power generation hardly produces radiation.