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Precautions for use in portable refrigerators
- Dec 04, 2017 -

Storage in a portable refrigerator case: 1. There may be dew in the portable refrigerator case, which is normal. It is not a fault of the product, but the environment is hot and humid. Open the cover and make the body down. Drainage can also be used to dry the rag to clean the dew. 2, portable refrigerator, be sure to unplug the power plug in the maintenance, otherwise there will be the danger of electric shock; Please do not use water or water droplets, or electric shock, short circuit danger. 3, portable refrigerator according to the use of the environment (high temperature and humidity) sometimes dew, portable refrigerator if not dry place, there will be mildew and odor; portable refrigerator can not use alcohol, water that day, in addition to liquid to wipe, Otherwise it will change color.

Portable refrigerator use time: 1, the refrigerator working environment temperature: the higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the battery life. 2, the type and quantity of items stored in the refrigerator: the more items, the refrigerator needs to consume more power to maintain the set temperature. 3, the number of switch doors: switch frequently, the refrigerator power consumption increased. 4, set the temperature of the refrigerator: the lower the setting temperature, the greater the power consumption.