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Is the car refrigerator useful?
- Aug 20, 2018 -

Traveling by car is a pleasant thing, but usually it's on holidays, so there's always a traffic jam. Many friends tease that the high speed of holiday travel is a big parking lot, so it's nice to drink a cool drink in the car during the traffic jam. So there's a car fridge.

car fridge.jpg

So is a car fridge really useful? Is it easy to use in the self driving tour?

1. whether the vehicle refrigerator is good or not depends mainly on the use scenarios and the demand for refrigerators.

When driving, the function of the car refrigerator is very large. Ice cream is always available in the car, which is the desire of self driving people without car fridge. Unlike driving around the city, there are few supermarkets or convenience stores on the way, making it difficult to get food and drink supplies at any time.

Prepare a refrigerator, you can use the function of the refrigerator to take home prepared food to the car, ready to enjoy!

2. Compressor on-board refrigerator also has a certain use value, its lowest temperature can reach - 18 C, this temperature almost meets all the common food storage requirements. That is to say, preparing a car refrigerator can completely meet the requirements of food storage. For example, meat products or seafood from home to work place, this function is still very large.

3. Occupational mothers are often seen in the workplace. They can't breast-feed their children during office hours, but they still need breast-feeding for nutrition and health. Then the car fridge can help breast milk to keep fresh. This function is very prominent.

4. Vehicle refrigerators also have a kind of vehicle-mounted cold and warm box, the temperature is 5-65 degrees Celsius, summer can meet the basic food preservation, winter can also give food heating. Food dependence is perfectly self-sufficient for some self-driving trips or long-distance trips.

5. is a car refrigerator useful? How are you going to use it? Obviously, for most people with cars, a car-mounted refrigerator can greatly improve the quality of life, but also enhance the fun of self-driving experience. So take the car fridge to travel.