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How to use the car refrigerator?
- Jul 24, 2018 -


Car refrigerator instructions

1. The car refrigerator must know its minimum cooling temperature. The cooling effect of the semiconductor car refrigerator is not obvious, and the cooling speed is slow. It is best to move it in the refrigerator or frozen in the domestic refrigerator.

2. When purchasing a car refrigerator, it is best to choose a product with low voltage protection.

3. It is best to be equipped with a power converter to achieve the correct use of the refrigerator at home and in the car.

4. When using the car refrigerator, the air inlet should not enter the water as much as possible, otherwise the car refrigerator will strike.

5. Do not place magnetic objects in the refrigerator liner to prevent the internal cooling chip from being affected.

6. Do not put overheated and corrosive objects inside the box to avoid damage to the inner tank.

7. The semiconductor car refrigerator must be powered off for 8-10 minutes when switching from one temperature mode to another.

8. When using the car refrigerator without a low voltage packaging device, remember to cut off the power of the product after turning off the engine.

9. All refrigerators have air outlets for heat dissipation, so be careful not to block the air outlet when placing.

10. It can be placed directly on the car seat or carpet without placing it, or placed in the trunk and placed upright in a horizontal position.

How to clean the car refrigerator

1. Clean the inside of the refrigerator. Do not wipe the inner wall with sharp objects. Try to avoid hard objects colliding with the inner wall.

2. Do not wipe the inside of the cabinet with a non-volatile or corrosive liquid.

3. Wipe with a soft cloth and a mild detergent (water or refrigerator-specific cleaner).

4. Do not rinse or soak in the water to clean the refrigerator.