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How to identify the installation quality of distributed photovoltaic (PV)?
- Jul 06, 2018 -

A good distributed system is a system with high power generation and stable operation. The good quality of the photovoltaic system is based on the quality of the product, and the professional can not judge the quality of the product by the appearance. It is more difficult for the photovoltaic enthusiasts and users who are lack of professional knowledge. Now let's tell you how to eliminate the equipment factor and how to identify the quality of distributed PV installation with the simplest and most intuitive method.

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1. Trace

To install a distributed PV system, you need to connect cables. For high-quality construction, the wiring must be neat and regular. In addition, the cable will be installed outside the cable, which is both beautiful and protects the cable. The route is a standard for inspection and construction, but it is not a hard indicator. The route will basically not affect the power generation, but it can test the strength of the construction party. A quality construction team must pay attention to every detail. If the cable of your home system is going up, do you think you have a reliable construction party?

2. Occlusion

The components between a PV array are linked in series, and occlusion affects the amount of power generated by the entire array. For example, if a PV array is 6 components, if part of one of the components is shaded due to occlusion, the power generation of the six components will be affected. In addition, occlusion can cause hot spots on the components and cause damage to the components.

3. Installation perspective

The mounting angle of the assembly is a very complicated problem, and it is impossible to judge by the naked eye whether the inclination of the component is the optimum inclination angle. However, if the tilt of the components of your system is too large, you should be careful, and the wind resistance of this system is worrying.

4. Certificate of conformity

Qualified products are a prerequisite for ensuring system power generation. The products of regular manufacturers have the factory certificate of conformity and the quality assurance documents. In addition, whether the component has a serial number or whether the inverter has a nameplate is also a message to check whether the product is from a regular manufacturer.