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How to design off-grid solar storage system?
- Jul 20, 2018 -

When people work or live on a remote mountain or island, it is impossible to work and live normally because the electricity is not connected, or the power is often broken down.So installing an off-grid solar energy storage system can solve this problem well.

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When encountering no power grid supporting facilities far from the power grid, how to design a reasonable photovoltaic energy storage system to replace the daily electricity demand?

The difference between off-grid solar energy storage system and the grid-connected system is that the off-grid system does not need to be used by the grid itself to generate electricity, while the grid-connected system must be combined with the grid to work normally. The off-grid system is not as simple as the grid-connected system. the power of the inverter is similar to that of the photovoltaic module, while an off-grid system is not.

What parameters should be noted in off-grid system design?

1. Total power of installation ground appliances

2. Total working hours = total watt hours

3. Lighting conditions and installation angle of installation ground

Only by knowing these parameters can we reasonably design an optimal off-grid solar energy storage system. The voltage matching of off-grid system should be the same as that of the grid-connected system (220V/380V). Generally, the voltage of off-grid system belongs to the boost type. From DC low voltage inverter.

Generally, the power of solar modules and inverters in off-grid system is rarely the same as that of inverters, and each power demand site needs to be designed separately according to the actual power consumption, which is quite different from the grid-connected system. In general, the grid-connected system, we usually just say how many KW. The off-grid system is used directly through DC inverter AC.

If the off-grid solar energy storage system design is not reasonable, light will not reach the demand for electricity, heavy damage system components hardware.

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